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Careers guidance hub

These resource packs are for teachers, tutors, careers advisors and parents to help school leavers with their careers choices.

Working with employers and the National Careers Service we aim to provide a range of resources to help provide the best careers guidance for young people.

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Interview tips

During your job-seeking journey, you may come across a variety of different interviews. All interviews have the same objective - to see if you're the right person for the job - so you can relax a little in the knowledge that you at least know roughly what the recruiters are looking for.

Published: 09 September 2015

Views: 239

Applying for jobs

Finding your first graduate job is not always easy. Whether you're looking forward to entering the workplace or horrified at the thought of being independent and responsible, here is some simple job advice for embarking on your graduate career.

Published: 09 September 2015

Views: 239

CVs and cover letters

Different jobs will require different CVs. Applying for an actuarial scientist position with a CV typed in Comic Sans and covered in glitter will not go down well (on a serious note, never do that with any CV). Likewise, sending a bland CV to a creative advertising brand is also the wrong approach, unless that's what they've specifically asked for.

Published: 09 September 2015

Views: 239

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