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The accountancy sector employs more than 1 million people who work across accountancy tax and financial audit business as well as accounting functions within other organisations.

MoneyAccountancy is the process of organising and communicating financial information about businesses. Accountants generally undertake such tasks as bookkeeping, auditing and managing company cash-flow.

Choosing a graduate career in accounting can help broaden your long-term career prospects and enable you to work in different industries, whilst being offering a good salary and rewarding work.

Accountants meet and work with a wide range of people and enjoy a certain level of independence in the workplace.

Some of the UK’s biggest companies operate in accountancy with the so-called ‘big four’ being Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC.

These top firms offer an array of graduate schemes in accountancy with competitive starting salaries.

What degree do I need?TOP ^

If you are looking for a career in accounting, degrees in areas strong in numeracy and analytical skills are strong starting points. These can include specific degrees accounting or subjects like business, finance and economics. Any mathematics based degrees will also give you a strong foundation for a banking job.

However, it is not essential to have a degree in the above subjects, with most companies accepting applications from people with a 2:1 and specific UCAS points in any subject. Requirements from smaller companies tend to vary.

What skills do I need for a career in accountancy?TOP ^

To work in the accounting sector you will need to be comfortable working with numbers and arithmetic. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork and negotiation are also likely to be important.

Some of the skills that banking recruiters might look for are:
Graduates from many degree disciplines will have the necessary skills for working in accounting. Degrees offer a good set of skills in logical thought, presentation, analysis and communication all of which are important for a career in banking.

What graduate accountancy job can I do? TOP ^

There are several different graduate jobs in accountancy across different areas of work. The main areas of work in accountancy are:
  • Accountant
  • Accountancy technician
  • Chartered accountant
  • Tax adviser
Average accountancy salariesTOP ^

Salaries for graduates in the accountancy (and finance) sector are amongst the highest in the UK at present.

According the ‘The Graduate Market in 2013’ report by High Fliers the finance sector has an average starting salary of £30,000 or more. Salaries can rise dramatically upon gaining extra professional qualifications and experience.

In some cases it is known for salaries to increase before graduates begin work in the Autumn of each year. For example, ‘The Big Four’ firms don’t finalise their starting salaries until the summer, so new graduates could start their job earning more than expected.
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