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The business sector (also known as the professional services industry) provides advice and services to improve the efficiency, performance and profits of businesses.

Consultants are often based on the client’s site and are tasked with analysing the business strategy and structure, looking at how the organisation operates and how it is managed. After detailed observation and analysis that can involve detailed data collection, interviewing employees and reviewing records and reports, management consultants will normally offer recommendations for improving the business and solutions to any problems the business is experiencing.

Businesses need advice and support on a range of issues including operational management, strategy and planning, human resources, financial management and information technologies.

Business consultants often focus on a particular area of the business such as strategy, marketing, finance or human resources depending on their expertise, but some larger consultancies may take a more holistic approach, analysing each section of the business and suggesting company-wide solutions.

The consultancy industry in the UK is worth around £8.5 billion and employs more than 80,000 people.

Organisations will sometimes call in business consultants to provide resources and manage and advise on projects such as company restructuring. It’s a varied job that requires confidence and tenacity and can also be very rewarding both professionally and financially.

Large companies recruiting graduates in the sector include BDO, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte and Accenture.

What degree do I need?TOP ^

A specific business related degree is not essential for a job in the business sector but could be seen as an advantage. Depending on the particular focus of a business recruiters may look for degrees with specific skills in things like IT or marketing.

Larger companies will be looking for a 2:1 degree or higher and may also specify a particular number of UCAS points. Requirements from smaller companies tend to vary.

What skills do I need for a career in business?TOP ^

To work in the business sector you will need to be comfortable working with various business processes and ideas. Other than specific business related knowledge and skills, recruiters will be looking for soft skills such as communication, teamwork and negotiation.

Some of the skills that business recruiters might look for are:

Graduates from many degree disciplines will have the necessary skills for working in accounting. Degrees offer a good set of skills in logical thought, presentation, analysis and communication all of which are important for a career in banking.

What graduate business job can I do? TOP ^

There are several different graduate jobs in business across different areas of work. The main areas of work in business are:

  • Business consultant
  • Financial manager
  • IT consultant
  • Environmental consultant
  • Business manager
  • Recruitment consultant
  • Management consultant

Average business salariesTOP ^

Salaries for graduates in the business and professional services industry are expected to be paid the national median starting salary of £29,000 according to the ‘The Graduate Market in 2013’ report by High Fliers.

Junior consultants should expect a starting salary of between £25,000 and £30,000, rising to £50,000 with experience and considerably more when becoming a senior consultant.

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