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If you want to help CEOs refine their strategies, help financiers make wise investments, and help government leaders make responsible decisions - you have come to the right place!

Our business runs on ideas. But ideas don’t just happen. They come from smart people with opinions. If you’re one of those people, get in touch NOW.

What is Bloomberg?

We have nearly 20,000 employees in 73 countries, across 192 locations around the world, gathering, writing, transmitting, and analysing information that will move markets.

Bloomberg harnesses the power of information for people who want to change the world. Whether they’re in business, finance, government, policy or philanthropy, we help our clients turn data into insights so they can cut through complexity to solve challenges great and small.

Our roles vary, but the one thing we all share is a commitment to helping Bloomberg remain efficient and effective – every day. To do so, we partner with our businesses to answer their questions, solve their problems and provide strategic guidance.

Graduate opportunities

When you join Bloomberg, you’ll enjoy outstanding training and hands-on experience before going straight into a meaningful role.

Challenging opportunities exist in corporate functions, sales and analytics, global data, engineering, plus intelligence and research.

Across the many platforms available, you will learn quickly, be calm under pressure, build product knowledge, understand markets, multi-task and provide clients with solutions across the globe.

Gain an insight into Bloomberg, what goes on and the opportunities available by reading our blog.

Human resources

We recruit top talent, develop our employees, promote a diverse and inclusive work environment, influence organizational design and promote operational efficiency. Above all, we drive business through our greatest asset: our people.

And if you want to keep up your formal training, there’s always Bloomberg University. It has courses that will teach you technical skills, and others that will just make you better at your job. And you can take them in the classroom, or go at your own pace online. We have training in communicating more effectively, leadership, financial markets, and coding, to name just a few.

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