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DESG - Defence Engineering and Science Group

About Us:
We are proud to offer graduates the opportunity to join what is probably the very best graduate development scheme for engineers and scientists in the UK: The Ministry of Defence, Defence Engineering and Science Graduate Scheme.

The UK needs modern battle winning forces to defend its interests and to contribute to strengthening international peace and security. Cutting edge engineering and science is a critical component in supporting this effort.

The DESG graduate scheme is a carefully structured but flexible training program; enabling each graduate to get the most from a series of work placements (that includes placements with private industry). Through this unique scheme each graduate is able to further their professional development - making it possible for them to gain tremendous engineering or science experience and to achieve chartered status within just four years.

Our Experience / Expertise:

Equipping and supporting the Armed Forces.

Career Opportunities & Training:

Our prestigious graduate scheme is accredited by: IET, IMechE, RINA, IoP, RAeS and ICE and has been an industry leader for almost thirty years, launching hundreds of graduates into satisfying careers in engineering and science.

Our Team/Staff:

The Defence Engineering and Science Group scheme leads to careers in Defence Equipment and Support, which is a key area of the Ministry of Defence responsible for equipping and supporting our Armed Forces.


Various locations across the U.K.


It is because of our requirement to safeguard the UK and its interests that the range and depth of the development opportunities that we offer are exceptional - making us a market leader. Moreover, we believe that the quality of our training programme, our accelerated path to chartership, personal mentoring and huge investment in each graduate sets us apart from competitors in the engineering and science field.


DESG is a community of many professional engineers and scientists.
Our graduate scheme is accredited by: IET, IMechE, RINA, IoP ,RAeS and IMarEST.
MoD projects are fascinating, valuable, and sometimes highly classified.
We equip and support the UK armed forces with state of the art technology.