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Zane Brough,
Zane Brough - Senior Project Leader
quote_lighter_blueWhat university did you study at & what did you study?

“I went to Lancaster University and studied mechatronics engineering. I started at Labman about a year ago – June 2016”

What drew you to Labman?

“Labman attracted me because it was still a relatively small and upcoming business; I didn’t want to get lost in a big working environment. When I looked on the website, it was obvious that so much stuff was happening here. It suited me as a character as well because it was a bit wacky, a bit off the wall, and totally original. I loved the emphasis on work hard play hard – which is totally the case.”

What has the grad scheme involved so far?

“When I first started at Labman there was a lot of emphasis on documentation and decision-making. I learnt quickly how to get into the project-leader frame-of-mind; how to communicate with people effectively, and, importantly, how to communicate effectively with customers – that was a big one to start with.

Within my first week I was doing design tasks, getting to know people, and generally integrating into the company. I Learnt about each sector of the business and the projects that were being developed. After a month or so, I was given the opportunity to shadow one of the managers in a few meetings in Liverpool with a large Labman customer. Initially I would sit and spectate to observe how the customer relationship was built. From then, every time we visited I was given more and more responsibility, until the point at which I was given the responsibility of running the meeting myself. This whole process really developed me as a leader. After that I was given a position as a project leader; I was tasked with designing and building a small robotic system. I’m now a senior project leader and am working on a much larger project with a team behind me.”

What does a normal day involve?

“No day is normal – it’s always different. Today for example, I arrived, checked my emails, and then went and talked to my team. I talked with all of the different areas involved in the build of the system: electrical, mechanical, software; I’m leading everyone on this team. I checked through everyone’s progress, set the tasks for the day, and ensured that everyone was happy and that nobody had any issues. I made sure that the project was running efficiently did some general problem solving. Once everyone was set and had their task, I worked on crucial areas of the build; some electrical work, some mechanical work, and some design work. Day to day, the work that needs doing will obviously change, which keeps it fresh.”

What’ve you learnt from being at Labman so far?

“Labman has taught me a lot; primarily communication skills involved within business. You learn a lot of technical skills at university, but it’s being able to interact with a team and learning how to solve major problems across multiple projects and people that has been a crucial part of this experience – communication and Leadership in essence. You’re given a lot of responsibility very quickly, and are expected to be able to get on with things. You have to think for yourself, which is nice, as you’re not micro managed. You quickly learn how to be independent, but if you get stuck, there are always loads of people to help you if you ask.”