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About Us


David Shindler is the founder of online school Career Navigating for Young Professionals. He is a careers coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, blogger, youth advocate and author of 5-star Amazon book Learning to Leap: A Guide to Being More Employable.


David is on the Guardian Careers top 10  list on Twitter for career advice and a top 25 YouTern careers blogger; BBC Radio interviews on leadership; quoted in articles for Forbes, the Guardian, MSN via CareerBuilder UK, and regular guest blogger for Careers in Government.


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Online School


  • Don’t feel work-ready after graduating?
  • Anxious about the transition from education to work?
  • Can’t get the graduate job you want?
  • Feeling trapped in a dead-end job?
  • Lack clarity about your job and career direction?


If you do, you have come to the right place… if you want to be more employable, to enhance your chances of getting the job you want, and to clarify your career direction.


David Shindler’s online school has bite-size courses accessible on any device and in the multi-media formats you enjoy. Learn when, where and how you want!


Check out more information to see if Career Navigating for Young Professionals is right for you. 


Who is the School for?


  • Students studying any degree and want to get ready for work
  • Graduates seeking your first job after graduation
  • Early-career graduates wanting to grow or change jobs and careers 


Join David’s Career Navigators Community in a privatec Facebook Group and get coaching and mentoring support as you complete a course.


What are the benefits?


Our courses help you to:


  • Save time and take the guesswork out
  • Stay on track and be accountable
  • Reduce your anxiety, and show others you can do this
  • Boost your motivation and confidence to change your circumstances
  • Make you more employable than those who don’t do this
  • Have a better chance of getting a meaningful job and career start


What courses are available?


This is a current list with more in the pipeline based on what you and employers say they want:


  1. The Changing World of Work 
  2. Your Employability Success Dashboard 
  3. How to Be a Young Professional Success Story
  4. How to Be Resilient and Mentally Tough
  5. Emotional Intelligence at Work
  6. Your Talents and Strengths
  7. Mindset Matters
  8. Who Are You?
  9. Your Personal Values
  10. What Motivates You?
  11. Discover Your Purpose
  12. Managing Post-Graduate Limbo
  13. Grow Your Self-Confidence
  14. Build Your Self-Esteem and Self-Belief
  15. Accountability and Responsibility
  16. How Driven Are You?
  17. Develop Your Flexibility and Adaptability
  18. Organised for Success
  19. Learning and Developing in the Workplace
  20. Coachability and Mentoring



Job and Career Coaching


Hire David for one-to-one coaching to equip you for navigating the uncharted waters of your job and career; to help you forge a meaningful work identity and career direction; to enable you to be the professional employers want; and to set you on the path that fits with who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go.


Just like a personal fitness trainer, he puts you through your paces. Put the work in and you walk away clearer and more confident about what makes you employable, so you can decide what is best for you and take the necessary actions. And he’ll walk alongside as you make the journey!


For a friendly, informal chat to see how he can help you, contact David on 07885 286287, via LinkedIn and Twitter @david_shindler or his website at www.learningtoleap.co.uk/contact.