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NATS - Deep Chawla - Direct Entry Graduate

Deep Chawla
After graduating with my degree in Air Transport and Logistics Management, I completed a year working for Virgin Atlantic in New York. I then moved back to the UK to begin my career at NATS. This involved moving from London to the South and joining the Airspace Programmes Department.

My first major project has been working on the London Airspace Management Programme. This is an important project at NATS and is focused on how to optimise the airspace above London and the South of England. It has been a great experience so far and much of my work has been with the Project Management team producing project plans, goal matrices and regular update reports.

NATS also runs a number of community projects, outside of office hours, on a purely voluntary basis for the benefit of the surrounding community. I've been involved in a Maths mentoring project to help children in local schools - and I've found it really rewarding.

Of course I've managed to see some 'air traffic control' in action and managed to spend a day shadowing a London Terminal Control Air Traffic Controller. That was an amazing experience - it's one the busiest pieces of airspaces in the world but the controller was so calm. I love aviation!

I know it's early days, but my current ambitions are to stay at NATS, develop myself into a Programme Manager and make good things happen. Let's see!