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Royal Navy - Pay, Benefits and Learning

Benefits and Learning in the Royal Navy
Joining the Royal Navy is much more than just an exciting and fulfilling career. It’s also a well rewarded one – giving civilian jobs a run for their money. What’s more, you’ll even start earning from the moment you enter the Royal Navy training.

Typical starting salaries for ratings begin at £14,637. Whereas newly qualified officers can earn a salary of £25,472.

As you progress in your role and move up the ranks you could earn anything from £16,073 up to £94,362 – depending on your skills and qualifications.

What’s more, with some roles you can receive additional pay on top of your annual salary in the form of a ‘golden hello’, and other bonuses.

More than just a well paid job

The perks of being in the Royal Navy go far beyond pay. You’ll get first class and free medical and dental care, six weeks paid holiday, help with housing and education – as well as a fantastic pension that beats nearly anything a civilian employer could offer you.

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