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Royal Navy - Why we have a navy

Why we have a Royal Navy
Why Do we have a Royal Navy

As an Island nation, our prosperity and security is totally dependent on our ability to access the sea.

The UK has 10,500 miles of coastline, 600 ports, approximately 290 offshore oil and gas installations. Shipping is at the forefront of the UK’s economic growth.

The UK has 14 British Overseas Territories and has 5.5 million Britons living overseas.

80% of the world’s population lives within 100 miles of the sea, which means that a high proportion of the world’s economic and political activity is done in a narrow strip no wider than 300 miles.  Many areas of possible insecurity or conflict have a coastline.

The UK is now dependent on imports to fulfil our energy needs and is reliant on the sea for the delivery of this vital commodity. In fact, many of the items we take for granted such as energy, electronics, food and clothing arrive by sea.

The flexibility of the Royal Navy means the UK can maintain a presence across the globe

  • Preventing Conflict
    Globally deployed therefore provides political influence and political choice.

  • Providing Security At Sea
    Provides maritime security to the UK’s interests around the globe and plays a key role in maintaining good order at sea.
  • Promoting Partnerships
    Promotes stable and co-operative relationships around the world.
  • Promoting Humanitarian Assistance
    Can provide independent humanitarian aid around the world without the need to draw on a country's infrastructure or resources.
  • Protecting Our Economy
    Deployed around the globe protecting trade routes and the flow of energy resources.
  • Ready To Fight
    The UK Government can employ military force at a time and place of its choosing.
Core Values
Core Values of the Royal Navy