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05 Sep 2014
As a Shell Ambassador you will be responsible for managing and deploying experiential activity, organising presentations, social media promotion and liaising with lecturers and student media to build a multi-platform campaign.
UK, London
31 Mar 2015
We will provide you with a three-year structured programme. You’ll receive a comprehensive overview of the HR department’s critical processes, as well as formal training in subjects such as Business Partnering and Organisational Effectiveness.
London or Scotland
31 Mar 2015
Alongside leading financial experts in one of the most exciting areas of business, you’ll benefit from unrivalled expertise designed to nurture future company frontrunners.
UK, Aberdeen
31 Mar 2015
. This core team of engineers is responsible for designing, building, and maintaining Shell’s on and offshore facilities, and managing complex interdisciplinary engineering projects.
UK, Aberdeen
31 Mar 2015
You will join a structured two to three-year learning programme that will ensure you have the skills and experience needed to enable you to become a future company thought-leader and an essential part of Shell’s delivery of global operational excellence.
London, North-West or Scotland
31 Mar 2015
With hands-on experience on groundbreaking projects and guidance from some of the IT industry’s leading experts you will develop your leadership qualities and become an accomplished Shell professional, while keeping your creative flair alive.
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