Benefits Of Internships

With many employers increasingly looking for experience as well as academic achievement in candidates for their positions, internships have an increasing importance in gaining a good job.

Undertaking an internship can offer you plenty of real benefits for progressing into your chosen career.
  • Smiling internPractical experience in the industry you wish to work in

    Regardless of how much you think you have learned about your chosen career from your studies you will learn so much information and acquire so many skills from an internship. You can never be really clued up on what a job entails until you have been working practically in that role.
  • Improved job opportunities

    Increasingly employers are looking for people with practical experience as well as academic achievements. Internships offer the perfect opportunity to gain this kind of experience whilst still studying. An employer seeing any work placements on your CV will be more likely to consider you for the position.

    In higher education there is an option of doing a sandwich course where your studies will be 'sandwiched' around a work placement which often last a full year. This kind of course is ideal for matching academic learning with hands on experience on the job.
  • Experience of teamwork and development of interpersonal skills

    Your ability to work in a team and with your colleagues around you is essential in every type of job. In a work environment this involves a different set of skills and challenges that you will be used to at school, college or university.

    An internship will allow you to gain experience of this first hand and develop you own teamwork and interpersonal skills which will make you a more rounded and attractive candidate for any employer.
  • Awareness of current developments in the sector

    An internship will allow you to question and work with people who work in your chosen career. They will be able to give you a good and personal insight into what the job entails and what has been developing in the industry. This kind of direct and specialist knowledge will often set you apart from other candidates looking for a job.
  • More placement student go onto achieve higher grades and better degrees

    The additional skills and knowledge gained during an internship can often be directly applied to your studies and applied correctly can lead to better grades. This in turn will help you progress to the next stage of your career path more effectively.
  • Chance of a firm offer of employment

    Performing well ring your internship can often lead to a firm job offer at the end of it and regardless of this the contacts acquired and networking done during a placement will have put you in contact with people who may well be able to help you enter and progress into your chosen career.

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