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Are you good at organising things? Before you say no, think about it – if you and your friends go to the cinema, or a concert, or just meet up somewhere to hang out, who's the one who sets times and makes sure everyone knows the plans? If it's you, then there might just be a company out there who could use the administration skills you naturally have!Administration and secretarial

Secretaries and administrative assistants are the people who keep a company running smoothly. Every kind of business needs one, so it doesn't always matter whether or not you're an expert in the work your company does – you just have to be top of your game in organisational and communication skills.

What's it all about? TOP ^

School leavers can often find temporary roles in administration or as secretaries through recruitment consultants and employment agencies. However, if you want to move into the sector as a full-time worker, it is worth investing in specific courses in typing, shorthand or specialist knowledge.

Daily administrative tasks can range from managing a switchboard and making and cancelling appointments and planning events to taking notes, maintaining files and ordering office supplies.

A secretary can be responsible for compiling reports, organising presentations and managing spreadsheets, so you'll need to be proficient in Microsoft Office and similar programmes, and also be comfortable with shorthand (you can sign up for a course at a college near you, or even online).

A company secretary can also handle booking travel and accommodation for their managers or other employees in the company, and will need to be aware of the best websites for this as well as cancellation policies in case plans change.

What will I earn? TOP ^

Starting salary in administration and secretarial work: £12,000 - £17,000
Salary with experience: £18,000 - £22,000

Where can I work? TOP ^

Almost every industry will require some form of administrator or secretary, so your skills will be applicable in many different sectors. You could work with small local businesses or for one person, or you could work in a large multi-national company as part of a team of administrators.

The main thing that you'll need to have as a school leaver is experience. There are plenty of employment agencies that handle temporary secretarial work, so the best way to get experience is to take on a few of these roles until you’ve built up your CV enough to apply for something permanent.

What skills will I need?TOP ^

The best secretaries are bursting with energy, and have good interpersonal, communication and IT skills. A secretary is often a client or customer's first point of contact when they're phoning someone in the business, so a sunny personality and helpful attitude are essential. You’ll also need to be highly organised and self-motivated, and potentially have skills like shorthand or touch typing.

Some of the skills that administration recruiters might look for are:

What entry level administration and secretarial jobs can I do?TOP ^

Administration and secretarial roles vary across different industries and sectors. School leavers may be able to find jobs as:

  • Administrator
  • Personal secretary
  • Office manager
  • Filing assistant
  • Education administrator
  • Office clerk
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