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Agriculture jobs and forestry jobs involve work in the outdoors and nature. Are you keen to be green? Always telling your friends to recycle their soda cans and bottles? If Gardener’s World and Countryfile are your guilty secrets, then consider a career in agriculture and forestry.Agriculture and farming

Throw in all the talk of climate change, carbon emissions and genetically modified food and a job in agriculture and farming means getting stuck into some of today's hottest and most controversial topics.

What’s it all about? TOP ^

There are loads of career choices in the agriculture and forestry industries. You can study more about the science and becoming an engineer, or get to grips with the hands-on side by tending plants and trees, or even learn the right kinds of skills so you can manage your own farm.

Agricultural engineers can specialise in advising farmers on how best to develop their land to grow more and better crops, or developing equipment that helps with growing food, tending animals or working in forests. Some even work overseas in land development in third world countries, or help out with relief projects after large areas are recovering from a major disaster like an earthquake or tsunami.

Jobs in forestry involve applying your scientific and techie interest to issues surrounding forests, whether through developing them or maintaining them. There are engineering positions in this field, but you don't actually need a qualification if you're mainly interested in getting out and working with the trees by planting or pruning them.

Farm management needs the same interest in agricultural issues, but combines that with business skills that keep the farm running smoothly and making a profit. You can choose to work on farms that concentrate on just crops or livestock, or that produce both. Farm managers may also be relied upon to come up with alternative ideas to help the business, such as setting up a shop.

What will I earn?TOP ^

Farm hands starting salary: £16,000-
With experience: £30,000
Agricultural engineers starting salary: £20,000-£25,000
With experience: £30,000

Where can I work?TOP ^

If you decide that you don’t want to go through university, then you can learn farming and tending plants on the job through volunteering or doing apprenticeships. Most farm managers do have a foundation degree or basic qualification in agriculture, so you'll need further training if you want to run your own farm.

What skills will I need?TOP ^

Agriculture and forestry employers will be looking for specific job related skills and knowledge that you will need to have depending on what role you wish to enter. School leavers should look to gain as much work experience as possible before applying for permanent roles.
Some of the other skills that agriculture and forestry recruiters might look for are:

What entry level agriculture and forestry jobs can I do? TOP ^

School leavers looking to work in agriculture and forestry may be able to work as the following:

  • Farm hand
  • Agricultural consultant
  • Animal nutritionist
  • Field trials officer
  • Trainee vet

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