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Like the idea of having a job that isn't tied to one kind of company, or even country? Then working in customer service might be for you! It can take you to the corner shop down the street, the big clothing store in the city centre, the call centre across town or up in the air flying from one country to another.Customer service

Customer service means helping people buy what they've come to your store to shop for, answering their queries when they phone up to ask about an account they have with your company, and giving them the little extras that come with travelling in planes and trains or staying at hotels, basic customer care and customer support.

What’s it all about?TOP ^

The skills you'll use from one job in customer service to another are basically the same, although if you stay in the same kind of customer service work, you'll understand how that industry operates which might help you do your job better. On the other hand, if you want to move around, make sure you're adding to the skills you've already got by getting more responsibility, using a different kind of computer system, or learning about a new industry.

Many jobs in customer service don't require you to have a degree, so it's a good choice if you can't decide about going to university and you've just left school but still want to earn some money.

Hours for this kind of job will vary, depending on where you work – it could be 9-5, or you could have a particular shift at places that are open longer during the day like shopping and call centres. There are usually chances to work part-time, which is especially good if you want to build up experience. Your managers will want you to give every customer you help the same level of good service, and they'll give you feedback on situations that went really well or could use improvement.

What will I earn?TOP ^

Salaries generally run from £12,000-£15,000 for jobs in customer service, with managers earning well over £20,000.

Where can I work? TOP ^

Customer service jobs are available in pretty much every industry, but are particularly plentiful in call centres and in retail. You can start out at a very basic level answering phones and queries, before moving onto roles in customer relations or customer complaints.

Some larger companies will have entire customer service departments which will regularly take on school leavers. Roles are often flexible, with hours to suit students.

What skills will I need in customer service? TOP ^

These jobs need people who are organised and can multitask, but above all it’s very important that you like people and can be patient – you’re going to be dealing with anything from simple queries to complex problems, so you’ll need to be able to take the time to understand what people are telling you and be able to deal with it efficiently and with the best service possible.

You may have to get used to customers getting angry or abusive, so being able to keep your calm and look for solutions is vital.
Some skills that would be useful for a graduate customer service role include:

What entry level customer service jobs can I do? TOP ^

Customer service roles exist at all levels. Although most people generally think customer service is a retail job, in reality it exists wherever there is a relationship between a buyer and a seller.

Some entry level customer service jobs include:

  • Call centre operator
  • Customer service assistant
  • Customer relations
  • Administrator
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