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The UK jobs market is forecast a 2% growth for the next quarter.

The UK jobs market is forecast a 2% growth for the next quarter.

March 27, 2012 
Hannah Lendrum

The Manpower Employment Outlook Survey has suggested promising figures for the UK – up from the nationwide figure of 0% for the first three months of this year. London looks set to do especially well, with a 7% growth in workforce encouraged.

Manpower UK Managing Director, Mark Cahill said “The upswing in positive sentiment among employers in London is very encouraging. We are seeing thousands of positions become available thanks to the Olympic Games. Whilst it’s undoubtedly true that many of these jobs will be temporary lasting only for the summer, we shouldn’t underestimate the impact that an upturn in attitude can have on the psyche of the nation as a whole. This Olympic effect could well help drag us out of recession and into recovery."

The East Midlands also look to do particularly well, with 10% growth forecast, whilst the North West has risen from -5% to +6%. Employers in the finance, business services and utilities industries look set to grow.

However, the story is not so positive around the whole country – Wales, East and South East England are all down at -1%, and employers in the North East report a discouraging outlook of -6%. The construction, wholesale, retail, restaurant and hotel industries all look set to downsize.

However, Cahill is positive. “"Although it’s too early to say that a full-blown recovery is upon us, it does feel like we’re turning a corner when it comes to the jobs market. Businesses that were battening down the hatches in the last quarter appear to be considering taking on staff. We’ve noticed much more flexibility among employers, particularly in the market for permanent hiring. The early signs of optimism are reinforced by other economic statistics of late, which point us away from a double dip recession in the direction of growth – albeit at a slow pace."

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