Student bags free tuition for life

Student bags free tuition for life

May 25, 2012 
Lucy Miller

One fresher will be starting university this year without the burden of tuition fees to worry about – Chris Nation, from Somerset, has just been selected as the winner of Cardiff University’s Lifetime Scholarship award. 

Aspiring lawyer Chris beat off 500 other applicants to win the scholarship, which was awarded for academic ability, skill and commitment during the Thrive Challenge – a competition open to students applying to begin their studies at Cardiff this autumn. 

The Thrive Challenge posed a series of online tests, as well as a video-making activity, in order to identify the best candidate to the university this year. 

Students from across the UK and EU took up the challenge, which has been ongoing for the last five months. 

18-year-old A-level student Chris, along with five other highly performing finalists, then attended an assessment day at Cardiff University – where he was selected as the winner. 

And it isn’t just the £9000 per year undergraduate fees that Chris can look forward to dodging – he plans to pursue a PHD after his law degree is completed, meaning his Lifetime Scholarship could eventually be worth in excess of an eye-popping £50,000.

Chris said: “I always like a challenge and the Lifetime Scholarship is an amazing prize due to the rise in fees this year. The hardest part for me about the Challenge was making the video as I shot it in lots of different locations and then the editing took longer than I had expected. I wanted to make the video funny but also wanted to show that I have a serious side – so I tried to make it a good balance of the two.”

He added: “I have really enjoyed taking part in the Thrive Challenge and I am thrilled to have won the Lifetime Scholarship. While it has definitely been hard work, I was determined to do my best as the scholarship is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It will give me so much freedom not only to make the most of my first degree in law, but also to continue studying later in life.”

Professor George Boyne, Chair of Cardiff’s Undergraduate Recruitment Campaign, said: “Congratulations to Chris who is a worthy recipient of the Lifetime Scholarship. He embodies the spirit of the Thrive Challenge and the values of the University. It was a really tough decision as all the finalists impressed the judges.”

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