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date_icon_black29 Oct 2018
currency_icon_black£18,000 pa
date_icon_black29 Oct 2018
currency_icon_black £18,000 pa
L’Oréal are leaders in beauty and are looking to recruit a number of Chartered Manager Degree Apprentices across the Marketing, HR, IT, Visual Merc
Canal & River Trust   Canals and rivers are a world away from every day. They’re free, open spaces we can all enjoy - and it’s our job at the Trust to keep them that way.   We are a charity, here to protect over 2,000 mi…

It's empathy and organisation that's most important to work in human resources, so if you have that you're perfectly suited to this industry. Human resources apprenticeships can provide great careers options across a huge amount of different industries - find out more here.

How to get an HR Apprenticeship - Career Advice
How much can I earn as a HR Apprentice?
HR Managers are paid well, with some paid over £100,000 after only a few years in the industry. This pay-off comes with experience, though – your salary within an HR department is likely to start at around £24,000, whilst HR apprentices will earn around £200 per week.
What qualifications do I need to be a HR Apprentice?
Apprenticeships in HR are available, allowing you to work within a company for part of the week and go to college for the rest to get a professional qualification. This will allow you to work up to the position of HR Manager in the future. Specific A-Level or degree subjects are not required for HR roles – any form of humanities, or business or management based subjects, would qualify you for a career in this area. If you are looking for a career in Human Resources, you will need to achieve a 2:1 level degree in any subject. It is also likely that you will be expected to display some knowledge of business.
What skills do I need to be a HR Apprentice?
Working with people with be a large part of your HR Manager role, so you will require skills in communication and teamwork. These skills are essential to effectively manage the needs of both your team and your employer. As conflict management will also be central to your HR role, skills in this area are also beneficial.

Some of the skills that Human Resources recruiters might look for are:
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • An ability to work under pressure
  • Presentation skills
Most degrees will equip you with the above, but aside from these distinct skills you will also need a good knowledge of business if you are to get a job in HR. You should also be of good character, in order to represent the business both internally and to outside organisations.
What experience do I need to get a job in HR Apprenticeship?
Work experience is also vital if you are to get a Human Resources job. Contact companies directly and see if you can come in for work experience or to shadow a member of staff during your school or university holidays.