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date_icon_black29 Oct 2018
currency_icon_black£18,000 pa
date_icon_black29 Oct 2018
currency_icon_black £18,000 pa
L’Oréal are leaders in beauty and are looking to recruit a number of Chartered Manager Degree Apprentices across the Marketing, HR, IT, Visual Merc
We’re always looking for talented people to come and intern with us in our insurance department. Lloyds is full of innovative thinkers who stay one step ahead of the game, which enables us to insure everything from skyscrapers to space travel.
Canal & River Trust   Canals and rivers are a world away from every day. They’re free, open spaces we can all enjoy - and it’s our job at the Trust to keep them that way.   We are a charity, here to protect over 2,000 mi…

Marketing and PR apprenticeships are filled with ambitious people who are excited by the prospect of elevating cool brands. If that sounds like you, see if the opportunities we have listed here are a good fit for you.

How to get an Events Manager Apprenticeship - Career Advice
How much can I earn as a Events Management Apprentice?
If you decide to undertake an apprenticeship in the events industry, you will be paid around £200 per week. When starting out in the events industry your salary is likely to be modest, but due to the responsibilities placed upon you and the level of organisation and skill required, as you progress you could see your pay cheque increase quickly. Average salaries , according to Pay Scale, are:
  • Events Co-ordinator - £19,600
  • Events Manager - £25,846
Events Manager salaries vary hugely with experience and depending on the size and sector of the company that you are working in. Entertainment managers are likely to be paid less than those organising events for corporate clients within the finance sector, for example. Working as an events manager for a large corporate company could include international travel, and could see you earning as much as £60,000.
What qualifications do I need to be a Events Management Apprentice?
You don’t need a degree in events – or even any degree at all – to become an events manager. It is more important to display practical knowledge (often gained by work experience) and a strong organisational skill-set. You can use extra-curricular activities and your academic record to apply for events jobs right after GCSE or A-Level. If you do decide to go to university, a degree in events management would be useful – however, this is not essential. Other degrees that would be useful for a career as an events manager include:
  • Business/management
  • Psychology
  • Marketing
  • Finance
What skills do I need to be a Events Management Apprentice?
The ability to plan ahead, to think on your feet and to deal with unexpected situations calmly are the most essentials skills you will need as an events manager. The following skills are also of huge importance:
  • Teamwork
  • Creative flair
  • An eye for detail
  • Resilience
  • Organisation
  • Confidence
Being personable and able to talk to people and build relationships easily is also a very important part of an events manager’s job.
What experience do I need to get a job in Events Management Apprenticeship?
As with all competitive sectors, if your plan is to work as an events manager work experience is vital to give yourself the best chance of getting a job. Contact companies directly and see if you can come in for work experience or to help out on any events that they are running. If you do a sandwich year as part of your degree – which you are likely to do if your degree is in the marketing – you should find a job that will last for the duration and will give you a taste of the industry. If you can focus this job towards events, this will be hugely beneficial afterwards.