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Actuarial Analyst

Category :School Leaver, Apprenticeship
Duration :Ongoing
Salary :£25,000
No. Jobs :Various
Location :Worldwide




About the role:
The Certified Actuarial Analyst (CAA) is a qualification from CAA Global an accreditation body created by the IFoA in the UK and the Society of Actuaries (SOA) in the US.

CAA is not just a gateway to a career in financial services, but many other industries as well; public health, climate change, sustainability, policy work on ageing populations, regulations, infrastructure investment and long term economic policy.

Career options:

Here are some of the jobs and career options available to qualified Actuarial Analysts: actuarial analyst, data scientist, predictive analyst, climate analyst, policy analyst, data modeller, customer analyst modelling and unstructured data analyst.

The great thing about the CAA is that you can join a body as an apprentice to start your career as soon as you leave school. To find out more about that click here.

Early qualification and membership of a professional body:

If you complete the CAA you will be a member of a globally recognised accreditation body CAA Global. Once you have qualified as a CAA you can then decide to join one of the actuarial associations tied to CAA Global such as the IFoA or the SOA.

The nature of the CAA means it has broad appeal. It will be relevant to:
  • Those employed in wider financial services, perhaps already holding other qualifications, seeking to develop a differentiated skill set that will mark them out in the job market
  • School leavers with strong maths skills who want to start their career and learn on the job without having to undertake a degree
  • Degree level candidates who are interested in actuarial work.