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Trades - Carpentry Apprenticeships


Carpentry is always going to be a useful skill, so those with a knack for it will always be in high demand. You can find trades - carpentry apprenticeships available now on TheBigChoice.

How to get a Carpentry Apprenticeship - Career Advice
Newly qualified carpenters can earn around £15,000 a year, but this can rise quickly with experience to around £25,000. Highly experienced carpenters and joiners can easily earn over £40,000.
Education Requirements
School leavers can straight into the carpentry industry from school, without qualifications. To progress and gain higher wages, you will need to get professional qualifications. Consider an apprenticeship with a local craftsman.

Some entry level building jobs include:
  • Carpenter
  • Joiner
  • Shopfitter
  • Formwork carpenter
There are a variety of apprenticeships available in the carpentry industry. However, many employers will be happy to take you on straight from school and train you up.

Carpenters are generally self-employed, so it might benefit you to start out as an apprentice or trainee with a local carpenter. You should also be able to find shift work through recruitment agencies. You will often be employed on a job by job basis. You should also be aware that onsite carpentry work is easier to find during the summer months.
Skills Requirements
Carpentry and joinery are skilled occupations that will require you to have excellent design, creative, planning skills, as well as attention to detail. You should continue to grow your skills throughout your employment by taking professional qualifications. As you will often work on your own, you will need excellent self-motivation and leadership skills too.

Some skills you’ll need to work in carpentry and joinery include:
  • Planning and organisation
  • Problem solving
  • Self-motivation
  • Health and safety knowledge
  • Attention to detail
As carpenters are likely to be self-employed, business acumen and a head for numbers are also likely to be very useful.
Work Experience Requirements
You need a high level of skill to become a carpenter, so experience within a design studio or in a workshop will give you the skills needed. Of course, if you have taken a carpentry apprenticeship your work experience needs will be covered.