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Electricians are essential to keeping our lights - and those of the entire country - on at all times. You can search for trades - electrical work apprenticeships on TheBigChoice now.

How to get an Electrician Apprenticeship - Career Advice
How much can I earn as an Electrician Apprentice?
You can start out as an apprentice earning around £200 a week straight from school. Newly qualified electricians can earn around £17,000 a year, but this can rise quickly with experience to more than £35,000.
What qualifications do I need to be an Electrician Apprentice?
There are a variety of apprenticeships available in the electrical industry. However, many employers will be happy to take you on straight from school and train you up. School leavers can straight into the electrical industry from school, without qualifications. To progress and gain higher wages, you will need to get professional qualifications – so consider an apprenticeship with a local craftsman.
What skills do I need to be an Electrician Apprentice?
Being an electrician is a skilled job which requires technical knowledge, qualifications and a good knowledge of health and safety regulations. You will need to be able to follow technical drawings and building plans, understand wiring and be able to work in a confined environment at times.

You’ll also need to have excellent customer facing skills and be able to communicate effectively.

Some skills you’ll need to work as an electrician or in the electrical industry include:
  • Planning and organisation
  • Problem solving
  • Self-motivation
  • Health and safety knowledge
  • Communication skills
What experience do I need to get a job in Electrician Apprenticeship?
As an apprentice in the electronics industry, your work experience will be covered by the time you spend with the company that you’re working for. If this is not the case, contact companies directly and ask if you can shadow a member of staff or come in for work experience during your free time.