Research Skills

Being able to provide in depth information and advice on a given topic is an important skill to have as a graduate job seeker. Many jobs involve researching deeper into your field, finding out information or looking for gaps in the market. Read More


Computing Skills

Demonstrating computing skills in the workplace isn't about getting on the Wii or beating your colleagues on the PS3. Make sure you know your Excel from your Outlook, and whatever you do, don't put a coffee mug on your laptop. Read More


Problem Solving

Being someone who is able to stand back from a situation, look at what's going wrong and make changes is something all companies value. One thing is certain in business - things will go wrong. It's how you correct them that will make you stand out and succeed. Read More



Being flexible in the workplace isn't about being able to contort yourself into the office cupboard or being winning the limbo at the office Christmas party. Instead, flexibility is about being able to adapt and think quickly on your feet. Read More


Planning and Organising

Everyone has dreams and goals, but without planning and organising what you need to do, you'll get nowhere. It's exactly the same in the world of work, where planning and organisational skills regularly rank in the top ten most desirable employability skills. Read More



Leadership in the workplace is about responsibility, not how much you earn or how many staff you have. Employers want workers who show initiative, positivity and responsibilities for the tasks they are given and the role they perform. Read More



An individual is only as good as the team around them, goes the saying. Being able to work effectively as part of team and fit into a team ethic is a vital skill for most employers. Read More


Self Motivation

Being self-motivated and taking initiative is vitally important to most employers. No one wants to babysit a new member of staff through their work. Read More


Commercial Awareness

It's the buzz phrase of the day, but what is commercial awareness and how can you demonstrate you've got it to those potential employers? Read More


Communication Skills

It's top of the list of most employers' desired skills, but good communication skills are about more than just shouting the loudest and getting your own way. Read More


Graduate Trades Jobs

Handy with your hands? Use your skills for a career in manual labour Read More


Graduate Manufacturing Engineering Jobs

Mechanical engineers are involved with the machinery a company or industry needs – researching what's needed, designing the bits and pieces and overseeing the finished result. Read More


Graduate Customer Service Jobs

Great at helping people? Here’s what it’s like working in customer service Read More


Graduate Accounting Jobs

Accountants work across a range of industries with all sorts of people and are central to a company’s success. Read More


Graduate Veterinary Surgeon Jobs

Everything you need to know before you become a veterinary surgeon Read More


Graduate Travel, Leisure and Tourism Jobs

Many dream of working in the tourism industry – the opportunity to travel and meet people from across the world is one of the main things that draw people into this wanderlust-filled arena. Read More


Graduate Hospitality Jobs

Think about all the things people do for fun. From bars and restaurants to nightclubs and cinemas - the hospitality industry is responsible for them. Read More


Graduate Plumbing Jobs

Handy with a spanner? How to become a plumber Read More


Graduate Mechanic Jobs

How to pursue a career as a mechanic Read More


Graduate Electrician Jobs

If the lights are on and you’re definitely home, here’s what you need to know about becoming an electrician Read More


Graduate Carpenter Jobs

Build a career in carpentry - here’s how Read More


Graduate Builder Jobs

Things to know if you’re set to work in construction Read More


Graduate Telecommunications Jobs

The UK is one of the leading locations in Europe for telecommunications and the industry employs over 250,000 people in around 7,800 companies, which offer plenty of opportunities for both graduates and school leavers. Read More


Graduate Network Engineer Jobs

Want to be responsible for keeping everything running? Here’s what network engineering entails Read More


Graduate Leisure Centre Manager Jobs

Love sport? Here’s just one way you could turn it into a career... Read More


Graduate Science And Technology Jobs

How would you like to be involved in the new discoveries that define the next decades? A career in science and technology can do that. Read More


Graduate Pharmacist Jobs

Got technical skill and scientific qualifications? Consider a career in pharmacy Read More


Graduate Sales Jobs

The sales industry encompasses lots of kinds of businesses, so you can specialise in selling anything from food or medicines to gadgets or services. Read More


Graduate Store Manager Jobs

What to expect if you’re applying to store manager roles as a graduate Read More


Graduate Recruitment Consultant Jobs

What to know before you apply for graduate recruitment consultant jobs Read More


Graduate Teaching Jobs

How to become a teacher, and help shape the next generation Read More


Graduate Public Sector Jobs

Think about the most important things that make our society run - the Public Sector will have something to do with almost all of them. Read More


Graduate Property And Land Surveying Jobs

Do you ever look at something - a piece of wood, bit of cloth, an empty room, something your mum or dad is getting rid of - and immediately see what else that object or space could become? People who develop and assess property see land, buildings and spaces in the same kind of way. Read More


Graduate Dentist Jobs

How to actually become a dentist (now you’ve got the degree in it) Read More


Graduate Events Manager Jobs

Kick start your career in events and see your imagination come to life Read More


Graduate Production Manager Jobs

Pride yourself on your organisational skills? Here’s what it’s like to work in production management Read More


Graduate Legal Jobs

If you’ve got an analytical mind and enjoy winning an argument – but also get a kick out of helping people and seeing justice served – a career as a solicitor might be exactly the right choice for you. Read More


Graduate Law Jobs

Here are the very first things you need to know to pursue a career as a barrister Read More


Graduate Languages Teacher Jobs

Languages teachers pass on a huge amount of skills to their students, whether they are teaching in a secondary school or in an adult learning environment. Read More


Graduate Web Designer Jobs

Get aesthetic and kick start your career as a web designer Read More


Graduate Web Development Jobs

Using the internet is almost definitely second nature to you - but with new products and technologies emerging on an almost daily basis, it's still a very fast-moving mystery to a lot of people. Read More


Graduate Recruitment Manager Jobs

Want to help people make the next step in their careers? Recruitment could be for you Read More


Graduate HR Manager Jobs

Good with people are super organised? Consider a job in HR Read More


Graduate Catering Jobs

The catering industry provides food and drink at social events, in businesses and at other gatherings. Read More


Graduate Nursing Jobs

How to become a nurse (even if your degree is completely unrelated) Read More


Graduate Logistics Manager Jobs

How to use your degree to keep the country moving: a career in logistics Read More


Graduate Food And Drink Jobs

Got a chocolate bar or bag of crisps on your desk? Pick it up for a second and have a look. Every bit of it has been put together by professionals in the food and drink industry, from the recipe, seasonings, size and shape to the packaging and machines that produced the finished product. Read More


Graduate Buying And Procurement Jobs

From fashion to medicines, explore the huge variety of buying and procurement roles Read More


Graduate FMCG Jobs

FMCG covers retail products like pharmaceuticals, personal hygiene products and snack food - basically any product that needs to be consumed and produced in huge measures. Read More


Graduate Insurance Officer Jobs

Good with numbers? Consider a career in insurance and pensions Read More


Graduate Finance Jobs

The finance industry is central to business in the UK, with it employing more than two million people and it contributing billions of pounds to the economy. Read More


Graduate Software Engineering Jobs

Few types of engineering have as big an impact on our changing world as software engineers. Read More


Graduate Mechanical And Production Engineering Jobs

Mechanical engineers design and develop technology, products and materials that improve processes and solve problems. Read More


Graduate Engineering Jobs

Few areas of work are as vital to our society as ‘engineering’ – it has a part to play in most things we use in our everyday lives such as transport and running water through to smart phones and the internet. Read More


Graduate Aviation Engineering Jobs

Engineers in this field design, develop and assemble aircraft and other technologies vital to the industry, always working with new technology and innovation to create more and more efficient and safe air travel. Read More


Graduate Automotive Engineering Jobs

Automotive engineers design and develop technology, products and materials that improve processes and solve problems. They are often also involved in testing and installation. This industry covers many types of engineering including mechanical, electrical, software and safety engineering. Read More


Graduate Nuclear Engineering Jobs

Nuclear engineers work with atomic particles in diverse ways to solve a wide range of problems. Read More


Graduate Energy And Utilities Jobs

People working in the energy industry are responsible for supplying energy to homes and businesses across the UK. Read More


Graduate Chemical Engineering Jobs

Chemical engineering is a highly specialist area of work where you can combine a love of science with some of the highest salaries of all engineering fields. Read More


Graduate IT Support Jobs

Always fixing your family’s troublesome tech? Get ahead with an IT support job Read More


Graduate Charity Jobs

Want to make a real difference? Here’s what you need to know about working in a charity Read More


Graduate Business Management And Consulting Jobs

Business consultants can make a real difference by going into companies and analysing how they work Read More


Graduate Civil Engineering Jobs

Civil engineers are central to our lives. From buildings and bridges, roads to railways, shopping centres to schools - civil engineers are responsible for the design and creation of our society. Read More


Graduate Building And Construction Jobs

The construction industry covers all manner of infrastructure, as well as social and industrial building work and the maintenance of existing buildings. Read More


Graduate Investment Banker Jobs

Show me the money! How to suit up and become an investment banker Read More


Graduate Art, Design & Fashion Jobs

This is an industry that values creativity and imagination above all else, so you’ll need these in an abundance to make it in this highly competitive field. Read More


Graduate Farm Manager Jobs

How to live your childhood dream and run your own farm. Read More


Graduate Journalist Jobs

Journalists tell stories across newspapers, magazines, radio, television and online to help people understand what is happening in the world. Read More


Graduate Administration Jobs

Admin staff work behind the scenes to make sure companies run smoothly - so if you're really organised this could be a route for you. Read More


Graduate Actuarial Jobs

Actuaries are experts in risk management. They use their mathematical skills to help measure the probability and risk of future events and (usually) their financial impact on a business and/or their clients. Read More