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James Thornhill

IT is right in the centre of whether companies, institutions and organisations succeed in this day and age, so the role of IT support is an essential one.

IT support workers are responsible for monitoring and maintaining IT systems and networks to ensure they function at all times.

This role might feature one or more different areas of expertise and may come under different job titles including maintenance engineers, technicians or help desk operators.

It support workers need to understand how systems are used in a specific organisation, as well as a wider understanding of how systems work to apply practical solutions relating to computer hardware and software.

Specific responsibilities will vary from role to role and company to company but work can include maintaining hardware, supporting the roll-out of new hardware and applications and conduct safety tests.

How much can I earn as an IT Support? 

IT support starting salaries can range from £16,000 to £23,000 on average and with experience average salaries can increase to between £26,000 and £36,000.

Managers usually earn salaries over £40,000.

Figures are for guidance only.

What qualifications do I need to be an IT Support?

Work in IT support is open to all graduates or people with an HND or foundation degree but qualifications in the following will improve your chance of securing a job:

·        Computer science
·        Information technology
·        Software engineering
·        Business systems engineering
·        Computer software development
·        Internet engineering
·        Business information technology

Postgraduate qualifications are not required but may put you at an advantage. Microsoft certification might also give you an advantage over other candidates.

Employers will often also look for in-depth knowledge of the applications and programs they use such as Microsoft, Linux or Cisco.

With the ever changing nature of technology IT support workers often take on-the-job training and short training courses to refresh or increase their knowledge.

These are usually offered by certified IT training companies and focus on the use of specific technologies.

What Skills Do I Need To Be an IT Support?

Different roles require many different skills but in general investment bankers need a number of key skills to succeed:

·        Knowledge of how software and hardware works
·        Communication skills
·        Analytical skills
·        Team work
·        Leadership
·        Time management
·        Project management
·        Problem solving
·        Ability to work under pressure
·        Attention to detail

What Experience Do I Need To Get A Job In Computing and IT?

Whatever route you take to an IT support job gaining as much practical experience as possible is absolutely essential.  Any summer work experience placements or internships that you can take would be very beneficial.

If you take the apprenticeship route gaining practical experience will be part of the process, but it is also worth applying these skills in your own time to get ahead.

Any part time work that displays IT skills or customer service experience can also be very beneficial.

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