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Graduate Energy and Utilities Jobs

ExxonMobil is an American multinational oil and gas corporation. We are involved in the production and distribution of crude oil, natural gas, oil products, petrochemicals and power generation, and have over 70,000 employees in offices around the world."
Graduate schemes at National Grid Transco guarantee a full-time role at the end of your placements in our business. We’re committed to developing your technical skills, soft skills and industry knowledge to make sure that you get the best start possible."
We're the UK’s biggest producer of low-carbon electricity, the largest supplier of electricity by volume in Great Britain and the most popular supplier to British businesses. It's an exciting time to join EDF Group as we now offer graduate schemes in a wide range of business, science and engineering disciplines – each offering the chance to develop and on many, you can also expect to gain a professional qualification."
Our graduates become part of ground-breaking projects that shape, support, protect and power modern life. We’re one of the world’s biggest engineering, project management and consultancy businesses. From planning and design to procurement and project management, we make certain that all kinds of incredible things get built, and that they last. "
We have become a market leader through delivering the best sustainable solutions to our clients' energy challenges. Graduates will play a crucial role in achieving our goals. We support our CGG employees with customised training and development programs in a integrated work environment in order to nurture potential and inspire the next generation.
We have been enabling people our customers to be more productive, energy efficient and sustainable for more than 75 years. We owe our success to the people who work within the business, so if you’re interested in being part of something incredible check out our graduate and undergraduate opportunities. "
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To kick-start an exhilarating and hugely productive career, choose our Graduate Management Programme. Every day we work to make sure 1.1 billion litres of clean and safe drinking water makes its way to homes and businesses through 37,000 kilometres of water mains. We’re the biggest water supply and water recycling company in England and Wales."
We’re one of the biggest and most successful mining groups in the world, with a diverse workforce represented on five continents. We depend on our employees as it’s the people within that make our business. Joining us will allow you to shape the future because millions of real lives depend on us. "
Yorkshire Water is a water supply and treatment utility company, covering a large swathe of northern England. We ensure our customers have the very best water on tap, whilst also protecting our beautiful environment with the safe treatment of waste water."
Petrofac is a provider of oilfiled services to the international oil and gas industry. Our graduate programme provides the experience, training and development you’ll need to accelerate your career in this industry and realise your potential."
Total is the world’s fourth-largest oil and gas company, as well as a major integrated player in the global solar industry. We are committed to energy that is affordable, reliable and clean, in compliance with the highest safety and environmental standards."
United Utilities is the UK’s largest listed water company, keeping the taps flowing for 3 million homes and 200,000 businesses across the North West. We’re passionate about innovation and are always looking for new ways to drive our business into the future."
SGN is a gas company that manages the distribution of natural and green gas to nearly six million homes and businesses across Scotland and southern England. Our team enjoys growth and innovation, and we aspire to the best for both customers and employees."
We are the world’s leading provider of technology for reservoir characterisation and processing to the oil and gas industry. The training that you receive from us will be tailored to your goals for the future to give you the best head-start in your career.
All of our graduates have access to training and development modules no matter what part of the business they are in. This helps you to fulfil your full professional potential and succeed within one of the biggest names in the energy industry.
GE works to make the world a better place by supplying the expertise, finance and technology that helps to build, improve and save lives every day. With 295,000 employees, we have one common mission: build, power, cure, move, and connect the world."
At Scottish Power we are looking for graduates from a variety of disciplines to help us achieve our company goal: to create a cleaner, more affordable and more secure energy supply in the UK. We have such a wide range of roles that you’ll never get bored. "
We are committed to giving our people, from interns to experienced recruits, opportunities to fulfil their true potential. From operations, engineering and economics to commercial functions, we commit to providing challenging and fulfilling careers."
Energus is a training and conference facility based in West Cumbria. We facilitate Graduate and Apprenticeship Programmes on behalf of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority and the wider Nuclear Industry.
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Energy and utilities graduates have the task of ensuring our energy supply is fit for the next generation. The opportunities within this sector are growing, and the issues that those within it face have never been more timely. Browse graduate energy and utilities jobs here.

LOOKING FOR an Energy And Utilities CAREER?
How much can I earn as an Energy and Utility Worker?
Entry-level technicians can earn around £17,000 or over £20,000. Those in management and other senior positions can earn over £30,000 or £40,000. The energy sector offers competitive graduate starting salaries – across all industries the median starting salary for graduates at the country’s top 100 employers is £30,00 for 2016, according to research from High Fliers, and the energy and utilities sector may pay more highly than this. According to Pay Scale, the average salaries for the below energy and utilities roles are as follows:
  • Petroleum engineer - £41,830
  • Energy manager - £38,999
  • Engineering geologist - £28,029
  • Drilling engineer - f £55,698
  • Environmental consultant - £24,668
What qualifications do I need to be an Energy and Utility Worker?
After a Bachelors degree If your degree is in engineering, environmental science, geology or something else directly related to the industry, you should be able to apply for entry level graduate roles or structured graduate schemes in your specific area of interest after you’ve completed your degree. If you want to work in an area of the energy and utilities industry that is more office based and less scientific, such as marketing, you should be able to apply with the majority of degree subjects. There will also be a large number of graduate schemes available in these areas. The majority of graduate employers will require a 2.1 in whichever degree you have.
What skills do I need to be an Energy and Utility Worker?
Some areas of the energy sector will require you to have very specific engineering or technical skills that will have been obtained through formal qualifications. However across all energy jobs there are a range of soft skills that employers will be looking for such as communication, teamwork and time management.

Some of the skills that energy recruiters might look for are:
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Analytical skills
  • An ability to work under pressure
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management
  • Organisation
Graduates from many degree disciplines will have the necessary skills for working in energy jobs. Degrees offer a good set of skills in logical thought, presentation, analysis and communication all of which are important for a career in the energy sector.
What experience do I need to get a job in Energy and Utility?
Formal work experience is not required for school leavers who want to work in the energy and utilities sector. If you are a graduate or are soon to be, contact organisations directly to see if you can go in for work experience. Take advantage of the opportunity for placement schemes within your course, too, if your degree is technical, engineering or science focused.