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Graduate Food and Drink Jobs

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You know that feeling you get when you meet someone and you just ‘click’. It’s great isn’t it? You don’t have to explain yourself or try to be something you’re not. You can just relax, be yourself and know …
We’re constantly searching for fresh new ideas to meet our customers’ needs. One of the key places we look is our graduates. We believe that the John Lewis Partnership continues to grow because we are committed to introducing f…
  In the highly competitive grocery industry, our values make us different and make strong commercial sense. Our values help us strengthen relationships with all our stakeholders, build trust, reduce operating costs, mitigate risks and …
  Working for McDonald’s is more than just a job. We offer good value, quality food and a fantastic experience for our customers. But it’s not just about the millions of meals we serve each year. It’s also about the h…
A WORLD CLASS SUGAR PRODUCER As the sole processor of the UK’s beet sugar crop, we work in partnership with our 3,500 growers and our customers to deliver a world-class product that is made to the highest standards every day. We a…
  We are a global leader in beverage alcohol, with a range of exciting career paths for graduates of all disciplines. We're looking for people who not only have the capability to succeed in our organisation today but also have the potential to…
  At KFC we're all about creating the moments of joy that make life so good. We're passionate about our customers, our food, our community and each other! We make 200 sales each second, so we need great people to keep our customers smil…
    At Pizza Hut, we don’t just make pizza. We make people happy. Pizza Hut was built on the belief that pizza night should be special, and we carry that belief into everything we do. With more than 55 years of experience…
  The world is changing fast, driven by different shopping habits and ever more advanced technology for the consumer. Grocery is the largest of all retail segments and is moving online. Join a company that is well positioned to take advantage …
At Greggs we can offer you the opportunity to start to build a career straight away. That could be front-line in one of our many exciting outlets, within the supply chain, development teams or on the corporate side at our head office. Whatever route …
We're a company dedicated wholly to achieving health through food. And not only that: we want our mission to benefit people of every age, in every social and cultural environment and in every part of the world - as many people as possible. Join a com…
Here's a career that will take you on an exciting ride. Working with mouth-watering brands to create more moments of joy by building the best snacking company in the world. Indulging a passion for global thinking and bold decision-making. …

Food and drink graduates might be involved in the production, design, marketing or distribution of consumable products - the industry is massive, and always evolving. Looking for a wide range of graduate food and drink jobs to choose from? Drink in what TheBigChoice has to offer...

How much can I earn as a Food Production Assistant?
Trainees on a food production line or similar earn around £12,000, with supervisors earning around £20,000. A food safety offer can earn from £25,000-£30,000. Food scientists can start off earning over £20,000, and that salary can double as they gain experience. Most head office roles across all sectors will start on around £20,000, more than doubling as you gain experience.
What qualifications do I need to be Food Production Assistant?
After a Bachelors Degree The essential nature of food and drink business means there are always opportunities for graduates in this sector.

Areas within the food and drink industry that you could become involved in include:
  • Food processing
  • Product design
  • Manufacture
  • Sales
  • Transportation/ distribution
  • Marketing
  • Buying
  • Nutrition/ dietetics
There may also be the opportunity to get on a graduate scheme in the food and drink sector. Graduate programmes give you a structured pattern of work, set goals to reach, and often offer the chance of a permanent job after the completion of your scheme. Schemes are likely to last between 18 months and two years.

Schemes are likely to focus on one specific area of business, e.g. management, finance or marketing, or combine separate areas in order to give trainees a taste of all areas of work.
What skills do I need to be a Food Production Assistant?
Most jobs in this industry require good teamwork and management skills, which will help you progress to higher roles. It’s also important to show a lot of motivation and self-discipline, particularly if you need to get further certificates and qualifications. Some jobs, such as becoming a food scientist, will require you to get a university degree.

Some of the skills that are useful for a career in food and drink include:
  • Teamwork
  • Self-motivation
  • Communication skills
  • Trendspotting
  • Leadership
  • Organisation
What experience do I need to get a job in Food and Drink Roles?
Contact companies directly to see if you can go in for work experience or to shadow an existing member of staff. This will show employers that you are seriously about getting a job in the sector when you start applying.