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currency_icon_blackStarting salary of £25k, £31k after RMAS and £40k after 3 years.
currency_icon_black Starting salary of £25k, £31k after RMAS and £40k after 3 years.
What does being a HR Officer in the British Army mean? What will you do? How do you get the job? All these questions will be answered below
Co-op offers a different approach to big business; one that’s down to earth and straightforward. Across our multiple areas, from food to insurance, our 70,000 people work together to make our decent, fair, ethically and morally strong business succeed."
We offer challenging, yet rewarding careers in law for graduates. Our opportunities can take you around the world to our many international offices. We operate in many markets, working with an array of prestigious business clients. "
Petrofac is a provider of oilfiled services to the international oil and gas industry. Our graduate programme provides the experience, training and development you’ll need to accelerate your career in this industry and realise your potential."
Northgate Arinso is a Human Resources services provider offering opportunities through internships, entry level or even executive management. Our team are experts and deliver excellence, whilst constantly trying to improve by exploring new creative ideas."
Jaguar Land Rover is looking to the future, where digitalisation is changing the automotive industry. We are looking for people whose skills can lead this change. You’ll find our graduate programmes just as inspiring as the vehicles you’ll help produce."
Savillis is a global real estate services providers, with an international network of more than 700 offices. Each site is sociable, friendly with a healthy work-life balance. All we ask from our employees is that you always bring your A game. "
Buchanan Search was founded in 2013 by James Baker, who brought over 10 years of recruitment and executive search experience to the firm.
RedTusk was established with the overriding objective to deliver high performing sales personnel to some of world’s most exciting businesses.   We recruit across the North of England, London, and the Southwest and we have also on occasio…
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Human resources graduates are highly organised, responsible, and love working with people - which means they're perfectly suited to looking after the needs of others in a business environment. Whether your expertise are in management, recruitment or projects, you can find graduate human resources jobs to suit you on TheBigChoice.

LOOKING FOR a Recruitment Manager CAREER?
How much can I earn as a Recruitment Consultant?
As a resourcer, the title you are likely to start with in an organisation, you may begin on around £16,000, while more experienced recruitment consultants may be on around £27,000. This is likely to rise further the more experience you gain.

Unlike recruiters working for consultancies, you will not get commission for placements within a company’s HR department – but this means that your salary may be higher to start with, and you may also have the opportunity to win bonuses for good performance.
What qualifications do I need to be a Recruitment Consultant?
Graduates with a wide variety of degrees work in the recruitment sector. You will usually be expected to have a 2:1. Degrees popular with those working in HR and recruitment include:
  • Humanities
  • History
  • English
  • Management
  • Business
It's important to build up experience in recruitment, with even sales and customer service skills coming in handy.
What skills do I need to be a Recruitment Consultant?
Working in recruitment means requires confidence, good diction and a thick skin – although being a good communicator and able to build relationships easily is the most essential part of the job. Being able to speak confidently and easily to people on the phone is also important.

Other skills that are important for those working in recruitment include:
  • Diplomacy
  • Persuasiveness
  • The ability to work well under pressure
  • The ability to work to deadlines
  • Organisation
  • Role model-level professionalism
What experience do I need to get a job in Recruitment?
As with all competitive sectors, if your plan is to work in recruitment work experience is vital to give yourself the best chance of getting a job. Contact companies directly and see if you can come in for work experience or to shadow a member of staff.
How much can I earn as a HR Manager?
HR Managers are paid well, with some paid over £100,000 after only a few years in the industry. This pay-off comes with experience, though – your salary within an HR department is likely to start at around £24,000, going up to £30,000 relatively quickly.
What qualifications do I need to be a HR Manager?
Many large organisations will run graduate schemes with an HR component. These schemes will last approximately two years and are your best chance of progressing quickly within a team to become an HR Manager. Employers will not usually specify a certain degree for an HR role, with any business or humanities related degree providing you will the soft skills that you’ll need. There are also a number of entry level roles, for which you should apply directly to the company you are interested in. The majority of employers will look for a 2.1.
What skills do I need to be a HR Manager?
Working with people with be a large part of your HR Manager role, so you will require skills in communication and teamwork. These skills are essential to effectively manage the needs of both your team and your employer. As conflict management will also be central to your HR role, skills in this area are also beneficial.

Some of the skills that Human Resources recruiters might look for are:
  • Teamwork
  • Communication
  • Organisation
  • An ability to work under pressure
  • Presentation skills
Most degrees will equip you with the above, but aside from these distinct skills you will also need a good knowledge of business if you are to get a job in HR. You should also be of good character, in order to represent the business both internally and to outside organisations.
What experience do I need to get a job in HR Management?
Work experience is also vital if you are to get any HR job. Contact companies directly and see if you can come in for work experience or to shadow a member of staff during your school or university holidays.