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date_icon_black31 Jan 2019
date_icon_black31 Jan 2019
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We look for evidence of outstanding talent and achievement. If you can show a continuous exemplary academic record, we will be able to teach you every
Co-op offers a different approach to big business; one that’s down to earth and straightforward. Across our multiple areas, from food to insurance, our 70,000 people work together to make our decent, fair, ethically and morally strong business succeed."
Microsoft is an American multinational corporation driven by the desire to improve all areas of our lives through technology. We’re looking for creative and ambitious people that constantly want to innovate and change the status quo with us.
At Intel, you can explore a wide range of careers, develop industry-leading innovations, and work with the most cutting-edge technologies. We work with manufacturers such as Apple, Lenovo, HP, and Dell, and have over 100,000 employees around the world."
Want to be a Googler? We build products that improve people's lives, and we’re always looking for people who can bring new perspectives to our teams. Our services include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware."
We are a global law firm who work across many industries stretching from life sciences to financial services. Our continued success relies on entrepreneurial graduates who will thrive in our supportive, challenging and exciting training programme. "
Our vision is to create technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. We offer a wide variety of hardware, software and related services to consumers, businesses and enterprises, as well as government and the health and education sectors. "
Imagination is a global tech leader whose products touch the lives of billions of people across the world. Whether your background is in electronics, maths, physics or IT, with us you can play an integral part in driving our technologies forward."
Launched in 2004, Facebook is probably the most popular social platform in the world. We are an American for-profit corporation based in California, USA, with around 2billion active monthly users and around 20,000 employees at sites around the world."
eBay connects millions of buyers and sellers from around the world, empowering small businesses everywhere and creating economic opportunity for all. We aspire to make extraordinary things possible for each other, for our customers, for our employers and for you We’ve been operating for more than 20 years and we're just as passionate about it today as when we founded the company in 1995. Discover our opportunities today."
Samsung are seeking outstanding graduates to grow with our brand. We are all about bringing innovation to everyone and we believe that anything is possible. Individuals who are excited by the idea of shaping the future will enjoy their careers with Samsung.
The employees at Apple don’t just create products, they create the kind of wonder that’s revolutionised entire industries. We do this by employing diversity into our business. Its the people and their ideas that inspire innovation that runs through everything we do."
We work with companies across the IT sector, from small-scale start-ups to large companies with household names, following a relationship-based approach and offering bespoke recruitment services to meet a company’s precise needs in IT skills and competence."
Buchanan Search was founded in 2013 by James Baker, who brought over 10 years of recruitment and executive search experience to the firm.
RedTusk was established with the overriding objective to deliver high performing sales personnel to some of world’s most exciting businesses.   We recruit across the North of England, London, and the Southwest and we have also on occasio…
We are an expert in recruitment. CV-Library takes pride in detailing jobs across all sectors for the nation's student and graduate job-seekers.

Internet graduates might work for software companies, or for an organisation, service or brand in-house - they really are the pioneers of our technological future. Find out about the wide range of graduate internet jobs and employers in the sectors on TheBigChoice now.

LOOKING FOR a Web Development CAREER?
How much can I earn as a Web Developer?
Salaries vary a lot based on what part of the industry you're working in, and what experience you have. Pay Scale’s average salaries for various jobs in this sector are:
  • Web programmer – £24,374
  • Web designer – £22,760
  • Web developer – £24,868
  • App developer - £30,796
  • Senior web developer - £36,088
  • Social media manager – £25,226
  • SEO executive - £32,059
  • Digital marketing manager - £31,945
What qualifications do I need to be a Web Developer?
After a Bachelor’s Degree Graduates with internet-based skills such as coding, SEO and web design are in extremely high demand. You could apply for entry level jobs with companies straight out of university, or for established graduate schemes with larger organisations, which will last approximately two years.

Some jobs that you may be interesting in doing after graduation, depending on your degree specialism, might include:
  • Web programmer
  • Web designer
  • Web developer
  • App developer
  • IT manager
  • Games developer
  • Systems analyst
  • Systems developer
  • Network engineer
  • SEO manager
  • Social media manager
  • Digital marketing manager
Getting an IT or technical-based job in the internet sector means learning basic programming skills and continuing to develop these as the sector grows.
What skills do I need to be a Web Developer?
You need a good combination of practical and creative ability, as dealing with websites means having innovative ideas that can apply within certain parameters. Whether you're working on a team, or working as a consultant, good people skills will ensure you fit in well with your colleagues and give your clients’ users the kind of experience the organisation wants them to have.

Some of the skills you’ll need to work in this sector include:
  • Ability to keep up with new technologies
  • Adaptation
  • Research
  • Creativity
  • Trendspotting
  • Motivation
  • Technical skill
Your skills will vary depending on which area you work in. If you want to work in the more technical fields such as web developing or web programming the following skills will also be useful:
  • Programming languages
  • SEO
  • Understanding of operating systems
  • Installing and configuring hardware
What experience do I need to get a job in Web Development?
As with the majority of sectors, having work experience in this field is essential if you are going to secure a career within it. Contact organisations directly and see if you can go in to shadow an existing member of staff, or to work for them on a voluntary basis. If you’re at university and you have the option of a year in industry, take advantage of it to get experience within an area that you find interesting within the sector.