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Graduate Manufacturing and Production Jobs

Tata Steel is one of the top steel producing companies globally, touching the lives of millions of people across the world every day with the steel that we produce. We strive to deliver unparalleled quality and to make people’s lives easier."
Johnson Matthey Graduate is a chemicals company that uses science to make the world healthier. We’re a global leader in sustainable technologies, we’re driven by innovation, and more than 90% of our sales come from technologies that benefit the environment. "
Grupo Alimentario Citrus (GAC) is Spanish business operating in three areas in the food industry: fresh cut, family food/nutrition, and agricultural products. Our individuals strive every day for improvement and innovation in this essential sector."
Buchanan Search was founded in 2013 by James Baker, who brought over 10 years of recruitment and executive search experience to the firm.
RedTusk was established with the overriding objective to deliver high performing sales personnel to some of world’s most exciting businesses.   We recruit across the North of England, London, and the Southwest and we have also on occasio…
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Graduate manufacturing and production jobs use technical and engineering skills to create solutions to problems - essentially making lives easier across the world. Manufacturing and production graduates can start their careers by connecting with relevant companies and applying for roles via TheBigChoice.

LOOKING FOR a Production Manager CAREER?
How much can I earn as a Production Manager?
Production manager salaries are higher than in many other industries. Trainees may start on around £25,000, with salaries of up to £40,000 for those with mid-level experience and £60,000 for those in senior positions.
What qualifications do I need to be a Production Manager?
The following degree subjects are likely to be extremely helpful if you are considering a career as a production manager:
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Physics
  • Logistics
  • Business
  • Chemistry
  • Technology
The majority of entry level jobs will require a 2.1, although some might also accept candidates with a 2.2. If you have had a year in industry, for example if you have worked within a company whilst undertaking an engineering degree, this will also put you in a good position to demonstrate your practical experience when applying for graduate roles.
What skills do I need to be a Production Manager?
Strong organisational and people management skills are needed to become a production manager, as well as a good practical knowledge of the industry you are involved in and the ability to see the bigger picture. Other essential skills include:
  • Planning
  • Decisiveness
  • Logic
  • Reliability
  • The ability to work hard
  • IT knowledge
  • Communication
What experience do I need to get a job in Production Management?
As practical knowledge is important in this industry, it is a good idea to get as much work experience as possible. If you are a student with a year in industry as part of your degree, these work experience requirements will probably be taken care of by your course. If this is not the case, contact local companies directly and ask if you can come in for work experience or to shadow an existing member of staff.