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Graduate Public Sector and Services Jobs

date_icon_black16 Nov 2018
location_icon_blackLondon SW1
currency_icon_black£28,000 pa, rising to £32,000 after successful completion of a year in post
date_icon_black16 Nov 2018
location_icon_blackLondon SW1
currency_icon_black £28,000 pa, rising to £32,000 after successful completion of a year in post
The Department for Transport (DfT) is at the heart of the development of transport policy. We set the direction for the future of infrastructure in th
currency_icon_blackStarting salary of £25k, £31k after RMAS and £40k after 3 years.
currency_icon_black Starting salary of £25k, £31k after RMAS and £40k after 3 years.
What does being a HR Officer in the British Army mean? What will you do? How do you get the job? All these questions will be answered below
The goal at MI5 is simple: keep the country safe. We have a large and complex organisation and recruit the most talented graduates that have potential to flourish in technology, investigations and data analytics. If this excites you, submit your application.
Through our structured Defence Engineering and Science Group Graduate Scheme, you’ll have an unmatchable start in your career. We have a strong belief in personal development and we dedicate ourselves to helping achieve chartered status in four years."
The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) is a state-of-the-art, ever evolving selection and recruitment hub for the many European Union institutions. We help to place the best candidates to work on the demanding challenges that Europe faces."
Joining the two year Police Now programme provides the foundation for a lifelong, rewarding career in your local police force. We’ll train you up until you’re able to take responsibility for community safety and make a real contribution to society. "
The opportunities at MI6 are limitless as we work to defend the national security of the United Kingdom. It’s a vital service and more than just a job. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded, talented people who want to service the country by keeping it safe. "
Ambitious about Autism is about “extraordinary recruitment to make the ordinary possible.” Join us in making change happen. Our national charity is full of people working to make the lives of children and young people with autism easier. As well as campaigning, we provide services and raise awareness and understanding ."
Britain needs people who are prepared to commit themselves to solving the big issues we're faced with. Could that be you? Whoever you me be, whatever your background, the Fast Stream is the quickest route to real leadership. There are a wide array of roles and opportunities within our services such as Finance, Diplomacy, Science, Health and Technology."
The RAF is no ordinary job. As a graduate, you will have the option to begin officer training, which could lead to a range of roles from flying to intelligence. We will also help you work towards professional qualifications that you will benefit from. "
Fast-track your career in local government management with our two year course. We’re looking for graduates who want to make a change and impact their local communities. The programme is UK based; visit our website to check if we operate near you.
The FCO is the UK government department responsible for protecting British interests overseas, through our networks in 160 countries. We employ a range of talented people who are capable of delivering to a high standard in challenging circumstances. "
Funded primarily through the television licence fee, the BBC gives audiences in the UK high quality and distinctive services across television, radio as well as online. Find out more about our careers opportunities and be part of something special."
Buchanan Search was founded in 2013 by James Baker, who brought over 10 years of recruitment and executive search experience to the firm.
RedTusk was established with the overriding objective to deliver high performing sales personnel to some of world’s most exciting businesses.   We recruit across the North of England, London, and the Southwest and we have also on occasio…
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HELPING YOU FIND A CAREER IN Public Sector and Services

The public sector and services are essential for our daily lives, keeping everything from our roads to our schools running smoothly. Graduate public sector and services jobs cover everything that is controlled by the state, and public sector and services graduates will always be safe in the knowledge that they are benefiting society. Find out about opportunities here.

How much can I earn as a Social Care Worker?
Public sector salaries vary hugely, depending on the specific area and job role that you have. A social care worker, for example, will earn a very different salary to those working in Central Government. Here are the average salaries for each of the above jobs, including with a few years’ experience:
  • Civil servant: £23,000
  • Accountant: £36,493
  • Solicitor: £37,766
  • Charity officer: £25,000
  • Social worker: £27,732
  • Finance officer: £27,732
  • Teaching assistant: £11,686
  • Police officer: £30,930
  • Fire fighter: £28,487
  • Army officer: £48,528
  • Soldier: £27,534
  • Youth worker: £20,344
What qualifications do I need to be a Social Care Worker?
After a Bachelors Degree Many public sector organisations, for example the Civil Service, have structured graduate schemes, which last for around two years. To get a place on one of these schemes you will have to go through a process of application forms, interviews and – more than likely – cognitive tests. If you have studied a specific degree, such as nursing, you will be able to apply for jobs that are directly related to that area without having to take on further qualifications. As mentioned above, humanities degrees can qualify you for roles across a huge number of areas that require softer and less technical skills.
What skills do I need to be a Social Care Worker?
With a wide range of jobs in this sector, people can match their skills to the job that best fits them. You'll almost always be dealing with the public, so good people skills and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of others is very important. Most jobs in the public sector require a basic level of computer skills, too.

Some of the skills that public sector recruiters might look for are:
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Social skills
  • Research
  • Analytical skills
  • An ability to work under pressure
  • Presentation skills
What experience do I need to get a job in Public Sector?
The variety of jobs in this sector is huge, and for many – for example teaching – you will need to show your dedication by working with children or adult learners before you apply for job roles. Contact local schools, hospitals, council or other public-serving organisations and ask if you can spend some time volunteering or shadowing a member of staff.