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2018 O2 Graduate Programme - Data Analytics

Category :Graduate
Duration :Permanent
Salary :£30,000 per annum
No. Jobs :Multiple
Location :Opportunities begin in Slough, Leeds or Preston Brook but could take you anywhere.

This job has now expired.
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We`ve got all kinds of Big Data about our customers and colleagues. As part of our General Leadership programmes, in Data Analytics we mine this information from every source imaginable. We analyse future trends. We dig deeper to make sense of it all. And we turn our rich data resources into fresh insight. It`s how we inspire growth, drive strategic initiatives and enable bold, but fact-based decision making.


Our Data Scientists have forensic and innovative knowledge. And they blend it with our cutting-edge tech to identify new ways we can provide our customers and colleagues with even better experiences. Investing in the future of data, we aim to be the thought leaders in the world of data analytics. Join us and you`ll innovate, prototype and identify patterns. You`ll protect and analyse Big Data. And use it to help us answer complex problems, make critical decisions and improve people`s lives. You could find yourself working across our departments in Business, Operations, Marketing, Digital, Human Resources or Tesco Mobile. So your flexibility and adaptability will be key.


Read our story http://o2.uk/Graduate2018


What you`ll bring:


- A love of all things data and the ability to champion your work

- A good head for figures and keen attention to detail

- A passion for driving business change through rock solid insight

- A degree in any subject with the vision to understand the opportunities solid data can offer

- An obsession with even the smallest details and how they fit within the bigger picture

- The ability to explain the complexities of your work in the simplest terms when required

- The passion to be part of our Business, Operations, Marketing, Digital, HR or Tesco Mobile teams


Additional Details:


Salary: £30,000 per annum

Location: Opportunities begin in Slough, Leeds or Preston Brook but could take you anywhere.