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Aircraft Controller

Category :Graduate/Placement/School leaver/Part Time
Duration :12 Years
Salary :Competitive
No. Jobs :Various
Location :Worldwide

This job has now expired.
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About the role:
As an Aircraft Controller, you'll be the critical link between the aircraft and the ship. You're involved in the mission at every stage, from getting the aircraft safely off the deck, then co-ordinating its movements before bringing it safely in to land. There may be times when aircraft are flying into combat zones, get caught in bad weather, or experience some kind of emergency and you'll be expected to be able to deal with every situation in a safe and effective way. Becoming an Aircraft Controller is a challenging, but rewarding, career choice which brings with it accelerated advancement to Leading Hand. And, if you are capable, you will have the opportunity to qualify as an Air Traffic Controller. There is also the added satisfaction of knowing you're keeping the Royal Navy flying.

To qualify as an Aircraft Controller you need to complete the 14-week Leading Aircraft Controller's Course. However, for the newly qualified recruit this would be extremely challenging and so you will first receive a very thorough two-year training package that is designed to prepare you. The training programme begins with the combined two-week Aircraft Controller Grading and Fleet Air Arm introduction course at the Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton in Somerset. This is followed by a 13-week warfare course at the Maritime Warfare School in Fareham, Hampshire. After warfare training you will spend time in a warship at sea where you will strengthen your training and gain invaluable experience of working within a ship's Operations Room. Throughout this period you will be given extra training including the three-week Helicopter Controller (Non-Tactical) course. You will also receive guidance and support from the Aircraft Controller Branch Training Manager and mentor who will monitor your progress throughout. When the mentor thinks you are ready, you will return to RNAS Yeovilton for the Leading Aircraft Controller's Course. If you do not successfully complete the course, you will be able to use the skills you have already learnt and continue your career in the Royal Navy by re-streaming to the Warfare Specialist branch. Once qualified as a Leading Aircraft Controller,you will be assigned to a ship's helicopter flight.


You will enter the Royal Navy as an Able Rate and, if you are successful on the Leading Aircraft Controller's course, you will receive automatic promotion to Leading Hand. After that you'll be chosen for promotion on merit. If you work hard,you may go on to become a Petty Officer, ChiefPetty Officer and then a Warrant Officer. With the right commitment, skills and ability you could become a Commissioned Officer. Throughout your career, we'll help you succeed by providing encouragement and a wide range of opportunities for further training.