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Top Tips at Shell
Top Tips
1. Ensure you check our website to see that there is availability in your chosen Areas of Interest. We don't have vacancies in every area, every year and some areas do get filled very quickly.

2. Make sure your CV demonstrates a commitment to your chosen Area of Interest, we often don't mind what subject you've studied - especially for Commercial and Corporate roles - but you do need to give evidence that you have significant interest in the area you've chosen.

3. Also ensure evidence on your CV is quantified eg "I undertook an XX week placement at XXX where my project focused on delivering XXX (objective) in XXX (time) with XXX (budget). I delivered XXX (tangible outcomes) and also greatly developed XXXX (skill/knowledge).

4. When doing the online tests get yourself to a quiet place where you won't be interrupted, have a dictionary and calculator at hand, take a deep breath and be yourself. Don't try and second-guess what we are looking for, integrity is very important!

5. Ensure your achievements are not just academic. We have 20,000 applications from students all of whom can talk about academic achievement - think about how to make yourself stand out.

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