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In a Nut Shell
Over 1 million 16-24 year-olds use our sites, providing the next generation information about their career, education and social needs. All of this makes BigChoice Group one of the leading European online youth publishers and a popular choice for companies to market their jobs, courses or promote their products or services.

Our Story
So you leave school, go to college, go to the university of your choice, and land your dream job?

If only things were that simple! The jobs market is getting tougher and making the right career choice is more and more challenging.

We are called BigChoice because it is simply that. What you do after school, college or university is just that, a ‘BigChoice’, and one that will affect the rest of your life. It is something that here at BigChoice HQ we don’t take lightly.

BigChoice was founded in 1999 by Simon Andrews, a university graduate from Bournemouth who believed in using the power of the internet to provide clear help and services for the new generation to make those BigChoice’s easier.

We believe that using BigChoice services will help you make more informative choices about your career, education and social needs.

People at BigChoice
When it comes to people at BigChoice, we have a simple and clear vision. We are a small team with a BIG personality that are passionate and motivated to be the best at what we do. We give people the space to be creative, reach their potential and work smart whilst recognising the importance of investing in the continuous development of our people.

Our Belief
Our belief is that there are no failures; only learning opportunities. We will challenge ideas and do not compromise credibility for short-term gain. We seek long-term partnerships with clients, staff, business partners, suppliers and our users so we can all benefit from a close relationship.

Our ethics
This might be a bit of a cliché, but at BigChoice we really want help the future generation make well informed decisions about their career choices. We are committed to building great brands. Following our shared values, principles and behaviour we provide high quality digital solutions in the Recruitment, Education and Leisure markets.

What we do
We have 3 key ingredients to BigChoice:

BigChoice Recruitment & Careers
Providing valuable career guidance and job opportunities to students leaving school, college or university.

BigChoice Education & Learning
We want to make education choices as simple and painless as possible providing clear services that allow the new generation to find a course that best suits them.

BigChoice Leisure & Lifestyle
While we understand the importance of learning and getting a job done, here at the BigChoice we realise that life is not just about working hard with no play. In fact we provide a wide variety of services that allow students to do just that - play hard.