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Jessica Stone - ITV Central, Business & Administration Apprentice 2014/15

Through the ITV Apprenticeship, I entered an industry that I had no previous understanding of. My year as a Business and Administration Apprentice at ITV Central was amazing, as I would not have otherwise been able to experience the exciting life of broadcasting. Although I am not a stranger to administration, there were additional skills that I learnt whilst being at ITV, including the most nerve-wracking skill to learn; rolling prompt for the live broadcast!

This is the first time I have ever felt valued in a job role and in turn valued what I do. It has inspired me to pursue a career within broadcasting, working behind the scenes with the technical team so I can learn as much as I can about production.

One of my biggest achievements during my apprenticeship was being nominated for Best Newcomer in the ITV News Awards 2015, this is an honour I was so grateful to have been chosen for, as my hard work and commitment were acknowledged.

I feel I'm a real example of how Apprenticeships can turn lives around. After coming to the realisation that university was not for me, I found myself working full time in retail. The trail of retail jobs failed to ignite my passion or provide any trace of hope of becoming the individual I desired to be. I am what Apprenticeships are about. Encouraging young people to find purpose within themselves by presenting them with an opportunity which upholds their dream. Being an Apprentice has convinced me that Apprenticeships are the way forward; they allow businesses to develop the right candidate who will potentially stay in-house and be a valuable asset to its success in the future. After my apprenticeship, I secured a role as Assistant Production Coordinator, and still here now!