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Are you someone who likes to be in charge? Do you find yourself naturally end up being the one who organises things when it comes to group projects in school? A career in management or consultancy could be perfect for you.Business management and consultancy

Management isn’t just about bossing others about. Instead, this is about being responsible for a particular team or task and ensuring everyone works to their full potential in order to get a job done as efficiently as possible. You’ll need to be motivated, a strong leader and dedicated to success.

What’s it all about?TOP ^

Going into business as a management consultant does mean getting a degree, as you'll need qualifications that back up the advice you give. This is not an easy industry to get into as a school leaver or someone leaving sixth form – you wouldn't want someone telling you which car to buy without being an expert about cars. The most common degrees for this are in Business and Administration or Business Management, which covers everything from the financial knowledge needed to keep accounts, to training in IT, to how to manage employees at any level in a business.

However, you can put the skills you have to good use by setting up your own business, even if just as an online business through eBay or a similar network. This will allow you to test out your business skills and make mistakes in a more forgiving area.

You can use the skills you've learned to manage a business, or branch off on your own and travel around to give other business owners advice on how to run theirs. But, this can mean fitting the hours you work to what your clients need, rather than signing off at 5pm on the dot.

What will I earn? TOP ^

Managerial salaries depend on the industry you work in and your level of responsibility. As a guide, you should expect to start on around £22,000 for a general team leader position. However, the earning potential of senior managers and consultants is unlimited.

Where can I work? TOP ^

Managers and consultants are needed in all industries, so you should be able to apply the skills from one industry to another. School leavers will generally start out as a lower level, either in sales or customer service before building the skills and experience needed to manage their own teams.
Alternatively, you could opt to become your own boss, creating your own business and managing your own projects. All you need is an idea that sets you apart from others.

What skills will I need in business management and consultancy? TOP ^

You won't get a job in business and consultancy without confidence in your experience and opinions - if you believe what you're saying, the people and businesses you advise will believe you too. You need to have a likeable personality, good people skills and be able to work well on your own, especially if you’ve got your own consultancy business. This is an industry for driven leaders.

Some of the skills that business recruiters might look for are:

What entry level business management and consultancy jobs can I do? TOP ^

Although most management positions require a degree, it is possible to start out in a company at a junior level and work your way up to managerial roles. It’s unlikely that as a school leaver you’ll be able to go straight into a managerial role.
Of course, you could always start your own business and become your own manager.

  • Entrepreneur
  • Trainee manager (try school leaver programmes)
  • Area supervisor
  • Assistant manager
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