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FMCG or fast-moving consumer goods in an industry all about the goods we use repeatedly. FMCG covers retail products like pharmaceuticals, personal hygiene products and snack food – basically any product that needs to be consumed and produced in huge measures.FMCG

FMCG is all about producing things in vast quantities and getting them to market quickly. Typical employers include major companies like Unilever, Procter & Gamble and L’Oreal, but also include companies like Walkers who manufacture a single product.

What’s it all about? TOP ^

There are many different roles in the FMCG industry, from manufacturing and production to logistics and distribution. Many companies will employ school leavers on dedicated programmes, training them up with the skills needed for industry before moving you into a particular sector.

The type of career you have in the FMCG sector depends entirely on where you want to specialise and the type of company you want to work for.

What will I earn? TOP ^

School leavers starting out in production or logistics can expect to earn around £16,000 initially, before improving their salaries to around £20,000 with experience. However, this depends on the sector and location of your work.      

Where can I work? TOP ^

School leavers looking to get into the FMCG sector typically start in manufacturing and production, logistics or distribution. However, many school leaver schemes will train you up for managerial roles and provide you with the professional qualifications needed to get there.
The FMCG industry is normally heavily involved in retail.

What skills will I need in FMCG? TOP ^

The skills you’ll need to work in the FMCG sector will depend on your job role, but with so many products to create and such a short time to do it in, you’ll definitely need to be efficient, good at planning and logical.

Some of the skills that may be useful for a career in FMCG include:

As you progress through your career, you may find that you need to develop your people management skills as you move into more senior roles.

What entry level jobs can I do in FMCG? TOP ^

As the FMCG sector is so diverse, there are plenty of different roles and sub-sectors for school leavers to look at.
Some entry level FMCG jobs include:

  • Buying assistant
  • Merchandising assistant
  • Production line operator
  • Product design
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