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Ever been told that you’re good around the house? Are you able to fix things quickly and have a passion for DIY? Not afraid to get your hands dirty? Learning your trade as a plumber could be your ticket to a career as your own boss and a decent salary.Plumber

Although not the most glamorous of jobs, plumbers are essential. We rely on water for our food, cooking and cleaning and plumbers ensure everything goes smoothly.

What’s it all about? TOP ^

Plumbers are involved in repairing, implementing and improving our plumbing systems, whether at home, in business or as part of the country’s general infrastructure. You’ll be repairing broken water mains, adding toilets, sinks and showers to new houses and even be involved in making sure water supplies flow regularly to us all.

Although you can go straight into industry as a school leaver, you’ll need to earn qualifications as you gain experience to make sure you progress and have the right technical skills.

What will I earn? TOP ^

Trainee plumbers earn between £12,000 and £15,000 a year. On qualification, you could earn more than £20,000 a year, while experienced plumbers with a network of contacts can earn upwards of £25,000.     

Where can I work? TOP ^

Plumbers generally work for specialist plumbing or mechanical engineering contractors. These can be anything from small businesses to national companies.

A significant number of plumbers will become self-employed as they progress through their careers, increasing their earning potential.

What skills will I need in as a plumber? TOP ^

A plumber is a skilled tradesman who will continually update their skills and experience as newer models and procedures are developed. Becoming a member of a professional body will help you to improve your skills over time. You will be an excellent problem solver, who is able to clearly and quickly find out problems and also have the technical skills needed for this industry.

You’ll also need to have excellent customer facing skills and be able to communicate effectively.

Some skills you’ll need to work as a plumber include:

What entry level jobs can I do as a plumber? TOP ^

You can go straight into a plumbing apprenticeship as a school leaver. To progress and gain higher wages, you will need to get professional qualifications. Consider an apprenticeship with a local tradesman.  

Some entry level building jobs include:

  • Apprentice plumber
  • Drain clearer
  • Waste disposal officer
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