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TheBigChoice helps school leavers, undergraduate students and graduates make important career and education decisions. Our 500,000 registered members, including career advisors, can browse our exciting range of apprenticehips, work placments, student jobs, graduate schemes and entry level jobs.

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We make creating a dynamic employer profile easy to help you attract talent.

Post job listings

Define the talent you are seeking and post unlimited job openings. Our simple platform handily allows you to link in segements of your company profile, such as company benefits and charity involments. This saves you time and instantly makes your job opportunity feel more visual (and not just another dull job listing!)

Enter into our innovative student-employer matching system

We match candidates to employers by our student job-seeking preferences and interests to your own recruitment preferences. That way, both you and the student will only be recommended jobs and company profiles that are relevant.

Gain followers & create talent groups

Let students seek you out and follow your opportunities. When the time is right, reach out through our direct messenger and communication tools.

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Track progress and aplications within your account and via email.

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Try 8 weeks
for free
Then £199 (plus VAT)
per job listing thereafter

We don't put limits on what you can do within your account, there are no contracts and you can choose as and when you want to spend your budget promoting your opportunities. We're invested in your success, which is why you don't need to start paying for job listings until you've had your account for eight weeks. Sign up today to start you eight week trial.

Pricing FAQs

What happens when the eight week trial is over?

During the eight weeks of your free trial, you'll be able to post an unlimited amount of job opportunities. Thereafter, we'll ask you to pay and affordable £199 (plus VAT) for every one job listing you post.

Do you offer discount codes?

We want to reward our clients as much as possible. So in short, yes! We offer discount codes for job listings throughout the year. Keep an eye out in your account for these. You'll find it in the "Explore" section.

Do you offer "bulk buy" discounts?

We're always willing to negotiate on a price to help you meet your recruitment goals. Speak to a member of our team about bulk job posting. Email or call 020 7840 2998 for more details.

When do I need to add my payment information?

Once your eight week trial is finished, you'll be asked to input your payment details when you next publish a job on our site.

How do I pay for my job listings?

We ask that you for your payment information the first time that you post a new job after your free trial is finished. We'll save your payment details within your account for you, meaning you don’t need to waste time uploading them every time you publish a new job.

What happens if I successfully recruit a candidate through TheBigChoice?

We would simply like to congratulate you! There are no recruitment fees for hiring your staff through our website.

Can I pay by invoice instead?

Yes, please contact the sales team to organise this payment option by emailing

Do you offer bespoke recruitment services?

Yes, we can help you reach your recruitment goals quicker through our bespoke recruitment services. Enhance your exposure and target specific audiences through email marketing, newsletter marketing, display advertising and editorial campaigns. Fill out the contact form below with information about what you’re trying to achieve and we'll help make that happen.


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