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American School In London Educational Trust

American School In London Educational Trust

About American School In London Educational Trust

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Our company in a nutshell

It's about our entire school community. It's about the way our students, teachers, parents, staff and friends come together to create an extended, yet focused "family." Together, we form a dynamic caring community that steers the individual progress of each student.

Like any community, people come and go. Surprisingly, given that we're the American School in London, people come from all over the world and they leave for all corners of the globe. More than 50 nationalities are represented here, creating an exciting mix of personalities, attitudes and cultures.

Well travelled, with a worldly outlook, our students appreciate our mission to provide an outstanding American education with a global perspective. In fact, despite their exotic itineraries, they often comment that being here is "more fun than vacation." Our warm, welcoming spirit helps. Whether we're a comparatively brief stop on a student's travels or a long-term destination, we succeed in creating a stable, supportive environment in which students flourish.