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Attwater Group

Attwater Group

Our company in a nutshell

Attwater & Sons Ltd are the longest established manufacturer of industrial laminate in the UK. They was established in 1868 by Richard Henry Attwater and is still in the Attwater family to this day.

And in 2008, Custom Composites Ltd joined the Group bringing additional expertise, further extending our joint offering.

Their teams include some of the UK's most highly respected technical experts creating products that have been used in countless applications, from trams to white goods, cars, aeroplanes and power generation.

They help their customers' products and businesses advance. They aren't just a supplier. They are a partner in everything from development to production. They believe our motto 'progress through innovation' applies as much to what they do for their client's businesses as it does to their own. They are confident it's why they are still market leaders today.