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At Marston's we consider our apprentices to be our talented leaders of the future.


An enquiring mind once asked ‘how can apprenticeships support a career in Hospitality’?

Career’s happen in hospitality and our apprenticeship programmes can take you there! Hospitality is not a 9-5 job, it’s such a creative industry where you make lots of new friends. Our structured career path means that if you’re ambitious and looking for progression then the sky’s the limit!

Have you thought about training as a chef? Do you want to run your own business one day?

Eight reason’s to become a hospitality apprentice in a Marston’s pub!

1. You make people’s day

You could be a kitchen porter making things happen behind the scenes, or be one of the management team making sure things are running smoothly, every time you come into work you’re making someone's day that little bit better.

2. Not working 9-5

Working in a pub means variety; that’s the hours you work, who you work with, who you serve and what you do whilst you’re at work! If you want to work 9-5, wear a suit and tie, catch the train to the office, then working in a pub is not for you!

3. It’s a world of imagination

Hospitality is a really creative industry, whether you are preparing drinks or meals, you’ve also got the scope to dream up new ways of delighting the customers.

4. It opens a door to a land of opportunities

You can take the skills you learn at Marston’s to different parts of the world, a career in hospitality can open doors for you in new countries, with new cultures and new people.

5. There’s no need to get stuck in a rut

You could move between 1st and 2nd line chef, kitchen and front of house, housekeeping and reception, shift leaders, supervisors, head chef or general manager! You can’t get that sort of variety in most other industries!

6. You can get promoted quite quickly!

You can make your way up the ladder if you work hard, acquire your qualifications through hospitality apprenticeships and the training available, get on with customers and team mates, and show initiative. Quite quickly you'll find yourself in a senior position managing people and the pub!

7. Working in a great atmosphere

People who work in pubs are friendly, which is why the hospitality industry contains some of the most vibrant, lively and fun people you’ll ever meet.

8. Hospitality is here to stay!

People always need something to eat and drink and somewhere to sleep, so, even in a shaky economy, the hospitality industry is relatively secure.

The Marston’s Apprenticeship Programme offers a structured career path that will support your development every step of the way!

In the pub…

Hospitality Team Member
Hospitality Supervisor
Hospitality Manager

In the kitchen…

Food Production & Cooking
Senior Food Production & Cooking
Hospitality Manager

And it doesn’t stop there – the support continues through management development, Marston’s currently have 40 higher level 5 apprentices.

18 of these higher level 5 apprentices are studying Operations Management, supporting our internal Area Operations Manager pipeline.

In addition to supporting our pubs with apprentices – we have recruited apprentices to our breweries. Marston’s have introduced a four year multi skilled Engineering apprenticeship for school leavers, during their nine month placement at a training academy, the apprentices are able to develop their foundational engineering skills and knowledge before continuing their journey within our breweries. Marston’s are also involved in designing a new Drinks Dispense Technician Apprenticeship standard, which will provide an entry level route into the Beer Quality Technician role. Finally our support centre teams include level 3 and level 5 apprentices covering a range of specialities from Customer Service, Team Leadership through to Learning and Development.

So when we get asked about how can apprenticeships support a career in Hospitality ….. We do have a lot to say!!!

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