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Why online learning might be the best option for you


It can be a stressful situation not to be accepted into university, or at least not into the one you’d prefer to attend. For some, the expense of attending a traditional university or college is out of reach. Online learning provides you with a valuable solution in these situations.

It’s also not unheard of to find yourself in one of these situations: you’ve worked hard to complete a degree, but have incomplete plans for what is next; or you’ve landed a job only to find you need additional skills to be competitive in the workplace. In short, you may be unsure of which path to take.

Online learning offers a clear track for to achieve your goals. Learning is no longer simply confined to physical classrooms and lecture theatres.

Here’s how online study might suit you:

Be more flexible

Learning online offers a degree of flexibility that anyone still shaping their future and choosing their direction will be able to enjoy and use to their own advantage. There are many non-traditional academic courses to work around hobbies and passions, but gaining professional skills and knowledge can make the difference in your CV in the future.

Also by enrolling in online academic courses, you can easily fit in study alongside full or part-time work, families to care for, or any other reason that makes traditional education more difficult to achieve.

Enhance organisational skills

Online learning gives you the opportunity to develop and enhance organisational skills, such as time management. Within pre-determined timeframes, you are able to work at a partially individualised pace, always with the on-going support of instructors.

Access to otherwise off-limits knowledge and lecturers

Online learning opens a wide range of courses all accessible at the touch of a button.You are able to engage with cutting edge content developed and be taught by global experts across a range of industries. This provides a lens into international perspectives and experiences. There is an array of choices for academic pursuits through e-learning, including increased access to niche courses generally not available as full face-to-face degree programmes, such as nanotechnology and cryptocurrency.

Obtain ready to work skills and accreditation

Whether seeking an undergraduate or postgraduate degree or short course, accredited programmes provide credence to a busy professional lifestyle.

You can balance professional and personal responsibilities, travel, and/or the need to maximise time through completing studies within home or office. You could face many challenges in balancing multiple responsibilities, but these are lessened through online learning.

Create a different kind of studying community

You will also experience streamlined access to support services. Engagement is an important aspect of the course and you can have an enriching experience through interaction with professionals and colleagues, which results in an increased network for more opportunities once you have completed your course.

About the authors

Jeremy C Bradley is the Executive Director at InterActive. He’s an EdTech industry expert, organisational strategist, and noted speaker and writer. He is a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute and studied law and educational leadership at the universities of Leicester and Harvard respectively. Follow him on Twitter @jeremycbradley.

Michelle M. Peters is senior programmes leader, Executive Education and Short Courses at InterActive. She manages the development and delivery of online courses, as well as other core academic components, such as teaching, curricula development, and upholding the academic quality of courses. She also teaches across InterActive undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. Michelle is responsible for the dynamic delivery of executive education programmes.

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