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Colas Rail

About Colas Rail

Company HQ location: London, Greater London

Industry: Transport & logistics

No of employees: 55000

Our company in a nutshell

Colas Rail is one of the world’s leading providers of rail infrastructure services with a great reputation within the rail industry and our company is growing at an impressive rate. By joining Colas Rail you will be giving yourself a real opportunity to establish your career within one of the UK’s most heavily invested sectors, with a company that is going places. We have a longstanding tradition of developing our talent and giving graduates the opportunity to take their career in their own hands.

Developing people is key to our operational success and we believe that the investment made in training and development is vital to maintaining competitive advantage.

The Apprentice programmes we run are equally as important to closing the skills gap facing the industry. At Colas Rail we believe the investment made in training and development is vital to maintaining competitive advantage and we are committed to utilising training and development to ensure that every possible opportunity is available to our staff.

We offer a range of Advanced (level 3) and Higher (level 4) Apprenticeship programmes, including:

Rail Engineering Technician – Track Level 3

Understand track geometry so you can inspect, analyse, diagnose and correct track systems and equipment.

Rail Engineering Technician Overhead Lines – Level 3

On completion of this qualification you will have a complex and detailed knowledge of overhead line structures.

Rail Engineering Technician Traction & Rolling Stock – Level 3

Armed with knowledge of traction and rolling stock systems, be able to find, diagnose and correct faults to keep our tracks moving.

Rail Engineering Technician Signalling – Level 3

Do you want to understand the safety, integrity and fundamental signalling principles applied to train control systems?

Rail Engineering Technician Signalling Advanced Technician – Level 4

A more in-depth and extensive understanding of signalling principles, operating requirements, implications and constraints.

Rail Engineering Technician Overhead Lines Advanced Technician – Level 4

Add in an understanding of the physical and systems interfaces between overhead Lines assets and the railway.

Train Driver – Level 3

As a Train Driver, you will be responsible for driving trains in a safe, punctual and economic manner over various routes throughout the UK

Apprentice Supervisor – Level 3

As Apprentice Supervisor, you will be an essential part of the management team and your role will vary from day to day.

Life at Colas Rail for apprentices

Developing our people is key to Colas Rail’s operational success and we believe that the investment we make in training and development is vital to maintaining our competitive advantage.

There are many exciting opportunities that lie ahead in creating tomorrow’s railway.

High-speed rail, light urban systems, track maintenance and commercial rail freight are all areas that have become increasingly important to the UK transport industry.

During your Apprentice Scheme you will attend block release training and learn the more advanced skills of your technical specialism.

You will support Lead Engineers, Supervisors and Team Leaders to deliver high value contracts for our customers and they will support you throughout your journey.

Company Values


Quality is key to competitiveness. We believe in delivering on time and on budget a high quality product, which we are proud of.


We have respect for our colleagues, our clients and the environment.


At the forefront of everything we do. We have an absolute commitment to safety, health, environment and quality.


Profit is freedom. We look after our shareholders and guarantee that they see value for money and a profitable business.



Apprentice Signalling - Infrastructure

“An apprenticeship is a great way to get your career started, as you are paid to learn, you’re gaining experience for the future, which is what your employer looks for.”


Apprentice Signalling - Infrastructure

“So far my experience of Colas Rail UK has been nothing but amazing. Everyone is always willing to help wherever possible. I have learnt so much in my short time here and am looking forward to continuing this in the future.”


Apprentice Track - Infrastructure

"My experience of Colas Rail has been very knowledgeable so far and I am looking forward to the future.”


Apprentice Track - Infrastructure

“My start with Colas Rail UK has been phenomenal, from the induction week to coming into the office and then on track and being more hands on. It was inspiring hearing people in the company of their journey with Colas Rail from what position they came from to where they are now.”


Apprentice Track - Infrastructure

“The satisfaction that you get from completing a job and seeing what you have achieved with your team is an astonishing feeling, and you’re always working on new sites. One day you might be working on your local station, the next you might be working on a swing bridge, this job is unique and different from anything that I’ve ever done.”


Apprentice Track - Infrastructure

“I’m a Rail Engineering Technician Apprentice and my journey with Colas Rail UK has been marvellous. There is a lot of opportunity for young people in the railways. I chose to start an apprenticeship as I wanted to learn and gain experience at the same time in a working environment. I have enjoyed every day as I’m learning and getting involved in projects.”