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Our company in a nutshell

Melmar Stone is one of the UK's leading trade suppliers of cast stone garden ornaments, supplying many garden centres throughout the UK. Our name is synonymous with quality and originality.

Fusing modern quality and manufacturing systems with traditional artisan techniques we start our process by commissioning original designs from specialist sculptors - working in traditional stone and, more recently, in high quality workable polymer clays. From this original we carefully develop a mould in modern polyurethane materials which faithfully replicates the original design of the artist. Into this mould we then hand cast a variety of specialist stone types, depending on the size of the item and surface finish required, to produce the raw moulding. According to customer taste the ornament can then be finished in a series of advanced coatings to protect it from the elements.

Our intention is 100% customer satisfaction. In the first instance this means the stockist of our product, so we aim to be commercially competitive, and provide comprehensive marketing support.