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Helping you find a career as an Air cabin crew

If you’re interested in creating a safe, welcoming environment thousands of feet in the air, then joining an air cabin crew could suit you well. It’s a customer-facing role and you’ll need to be safety conscious. Flight can be stressful for many passengers, which makes it especially important that air cabin crew members possess a degree of sensitivity and a calming demeanour.

What does an Air cabin crew do?
  • Greeting passengers

  • Demonstrating emergency procedure

  • Selling goods during flights and re-stocking afterwards

  • Make passengers feel at ease

  • Reassuring passengers in the event of an emergency
Skills & interests required for an Air cabin crew
  • An approachable demeanour

  • Strong people skills

  • Polite but firm in giving instructions

  • Able to supervise groups confidently

  • Working well as part of a team
What hours does an Air cabin crew typically do?
Your work will include evenings, weekends and public holidays. You will spend a long time away from home while you travel the world. Hours will vary from employer to employer and depending on your experience.
What environment is an Air cabin crew based in?
On planes and in airports around the world.
How much does an Air cabin crew travel?
Yes, to wherever your airline employer flies.
How much does an Air cabin crew get paid?
Air cabin crew salaries start at £12,000 per annum and highly experienced employees can earn as much as £30,000 per annum. Overtime can see this rise further.
Perks & benefits
Free or reduced travel.
What qualifications does an Air cabin crew need?
You will have to be 18 years old with good GCSEs, as well as being a confident swimmer and holding a valid passport.

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