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Helping you find a career as a Cyber Security Specialist

A cybersecurity specialist is an important role that helps to catch and prevent cyber criminals and hackers.

What does a Cyber Security Specialist do?
Your duties will include:

- Trying to build in security during the early development stages of software systems, networks, and data centres
- Looking for possible vulnerabilities and risks in hardware and software
- Searching for the best way to secure the IT infrastructure of an organisation to protect confidential information
- Building firewalls into network infrastructures
- Monitoring for attacks and intrusions
- Closing off the security vulnerability when a potential threat is found
- Identifying the perpetrator and liaising with the police when necessary
Skills & interests required for a Cyber Security Specialist
As a cybersecurity specialist, you'll need the ability to use logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of IT systems.

You'll also need a forensic approach to complex issues, the ability to respond practically to emergencies and a great understanding of how hackers work.

Other skills include:
- Attention to detail
- IT skills
What hours does a Cyber Security Specialist typically do?
Your working hours will generally range from 35 to 40 hours per week. You may be on a call-out rota, due to many companies demanding 24/7 cover.
What environment is a Cyber Security Specialist based in?
A lot of your work is likely to be office-based.
How much does a Cyber Security Specialist travel?
In certain roles and companies, you may need to travel to meet clients or to travel to multi-agency meetings or court.
How much does a Cyber Security Specialist get paid?
Graduate salaries are around £25,000 per annum and with a year’s worth of experience, you can earn around £35,000. After five years in the role, and working in more senior positions with more responsibility, you can expect to earn anywhere in the region of £45,000 to £80,000.
What qualifications does a Cyber Security Specialist need?
A degree for this role is desirable and will result in starting a career at a higher level than those who leave school and have to start as an entry-level IT assistant or help-desk support.

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