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Helping you find a career as an Embalmer

Funerals are sombre occasions but it important that they happen and go smoothly. Embalmers are an important part of the funerary process as they prepare bodies for funerals and preserve them in the period between death and funeral.

You will have to become confident in working with dead bodies but the role of an embalmer is an important one.

What does an Embalmer do?
  • Washing and disinfecting bodies to prevent deterioration

  • Removing fluids and gases from the body

  • Applying preservatives to bodies

  • Washing hair and applying cosmetics to bodies as well as dressing them in some cases

  • Using plaster of Paris or wax to restore the appearance of bodies disfigured through injury

  • Helping to arrange funerals

  • Helping with administration
Skills & interests required for an Embalmer
  • Attention to detail

  • Confident in working with dead bodies |list]
  • Practical and technical skills for using necessary tools|list]
  • Sensitivity to the feelings of the deceased’s relatives etc.|list]
  • A dignified approach to work |list]
What hours does an Embalmer typically do?
Weekdays 8AM to 5PM. During busy periods weekends may be necessary.
What environment is an Embalmer based in?
Mortuary or funeral parlour.
How much does an Embalmer get paid?
A typical embalmers salary is anywhere from £17,000 to £28,000. Self-employed embalmers can exceed these figures.
What qualifications does an Embalmer need?
A good set of GCSEs is helpful and a qualification from the British Institute of Embalmers is necessary.

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