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Helping you find a career as a Firefighter

Firefighters respond to and extinguish fires. That’s not where their job stops, however; they can be called out to all sorts of incidents or events which pose risks to life and property.

Firefighters are expected to respond to emergencies and as a result, can face considerable danger in the workplace. It’s a demanding but rewarding role which gives employees a real chance to help keep people safe.

What does a Firefighter do?
A firefighter has more to do than just putting out fires. Fire crews have to work fluidly together in important roles as first responders to emergencies, sometimes even providing first aid before an ambulance arrives. Also part of their role is the following:

  • Regular performance of practice drills.

  • Using sophisticated firefighting equipment.

  • Working with other emergency services.

  • Undertaking physical and academic training.

  • Maintaining vehicles and equipment.

  • Inspecting and enforcing fire safety standards in communities.

  • Responding to a variety of other emergencies (e.g. floods).
Skills & interests required for a Firefighter
  • Physical fitness and good health

  • Mentally robust enough to cope with responsibility in emergency situations

  • Good unaided eye sight (i.e. you don’t need glasses or contact lenses)

  • Resilience

  • Flexible schedule (you don’t get to choose when a fire breaks out!)
What hours does a Firefighter typically do?
This depends on whether you are a full time firefighter or a ‘retained firefighter’. Retained firefighters are essentially part time workers who operate largely in rural areas but must live or work very near a fire station.

24 hour shift work in a standard requirement of the job.
What environment is a Firefighter based in?
In a fire station and in the community.
How much does a Firefighter get paid?
Becoming a firefighter is hugely competitive and there are numerous tests for entry. For those who pass and become trainees the starting salary is £22,017.

After training this rises to £29,345 and there are opportunities for progression. Crew/watch/area manager salaries range from £31,189 to £56,124.

Retained firefighters receive £2,202-£2,935, depending on competency, and can receive more in London.
Perks & benefits
The perks of being a firefighter are essentially the rewarding nature of the job. Firefighters have a lot of responsibility over emergency situations and are sometimes responsible for saving lives.

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