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Helping you find a career as a Volunteer Manager

Volunteer managers work to coordinate the various elements involved in volunteer work, either within their own organisation or on behalf of another organisation. This can involve working in the public or private sectors, but is most common in the charity sector.

What does a Volunteer Manager do?
Although each day will be shaped by the type of project you're working on, a typical day will involve at least some of:

  • Completing volunteer policies and risk assessments

  • Writing role descriptions to recruit volunteers

  • Promoting voluntary work

  • Interviewing and training new volunteers

  • Overseeing rotas for volunteer work

  • Managing budgets and reimbursing expenses

  • Complying with legislation

  • Fundraising to maintain projects

  • Undertaking administrative duties

Skills & interests required for a Volunteer Manager
Volunteer managers need to be passionate about their causes: they are responsible for recruiting and training volunteers and their enthusiasm can make all the difference to successfully delivering projects.
- Ability to Work Under Pressure
- Dependability
- Integrity
- Organisation
- Verbal Communication
- Written Communication
What hours does a Volunteer Manager typically do?
This depends on the type of project you're involved in. If based in an office then you can expect to work 'normal' office hours (9am – 5.30pm), whilst if you're involved in community projects you may need to work at evenings or weekends (or even overnight in residential cases).

Volunteer managers also aren't always full time or permanent, with many working part time hours or filling short-term/ fixed-term contracts.
What environment is a Volunteer Manager based in?
This also entirely depends on the type of organisation you work for. Some will work in an office, while others working hands-on on projects can work outdoors or within the community.
How much does a Volunteer Manager travel?
Travel is a fairly standard part of a volunteer manager's day. If you work on smaller projects you can expect to travel locally whilst larger projects can see you travel around the country, if not the world.
How much does a Volunteer Manager get paid?
At an entry level position, volunteer managers can expect to earn between £15,000 and £26,000 per annum. with the lower end of this range coming from charity work.

As you become more experienced, you can expect your salary to increase to between £28,000 and £38,000, with the highest salaries going to those with budget responsibilities or those working on high profile campaigns.
What qualifications does a Volunteer Manager need?
Many employers view hands-on experience as more important than academic qualifications, so having volunteered in the sector you're applying to be a volunteer manager for would be very useful.

However, as the field gets more competitive, employers are increasingly expecting an undergraduate degree from applicants.
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